Because quality matters… we had to destroy 16.000+ Push rod tubes!

We don’t care about cheap when quality is no good…

Last year we had a big problem with the quality of our push rod tubes because while mounting they kneeled right behind their accordions…

A thorough investigation learned us factory used wrong (cheap) material… We came to consensus with the factory and we got new ones produced in correct material.

As we do not want to sell things that don’t fit properly we destroyed no less as 16.000 pcs Push Rod tubes  and drove them to scrap…. immense quantities!!

Because quality matters!!! 



So how should look a modern and high quality Push Rod tube…

Ours are made based on the most recent technical drawing from Volkswagen,

Correct made with all improvements and tech details that changed quiet a bit during the Volkswagen aircooled engine production.

2018-02-20 16.58.04_resized

Most important is the “S” shape accordion, what gives a way better pressure on your gaskets… less change on oil leaks like the early “V” design… also the end of the accordeon has a longer neck as original ones in order to kneel less…

2018-02-20 16.58.23_resized

A cut a way model shows very clearly the nice “S” design!

2018-02-20 16.58.37_resized

and yes, we have 25.000 pcs in stock of the good ones, ready for immediate delivery!!


BBT! Because quality matters! 

Because quality matters… Test report from 240 hrs salt spray test on our BBT chromed bumpers!

We, @ BBT, are very concerned about the quality and even we make certain of our products for a very long time we realise that only regular testing can guarantee our continue quality! No exceptions for our bumpers…

Just as general information we like to share a periodically test report from a regular made salt spray test on our BBT chrome bumpers…

As the general standard in automotive these days, we always require an 240 hours salt spray test just to make sure our quality still match our descriptions…

As you can see on pictures below, the bumpers look as good after 24, 120 as 240 hours of testing…. BBT chrome bumpers is the best quality for a decent price your money can buy!!!

In the BBT quality chrome bumper program we offer following models…

0005-6 Bumper rear Beetle 74- European square model – Original chrome BBT

0005-1 Bumper front Beetle 74- European square model with indicator hole – Original chrome BBT

0007-2 Bumper front with groove Split window beetle -8/52 Original chrome BBT

0008-2 Bumper rear Split window beetle -10/52 – Original chrome BBT

0009-4 Bumperguard Split window beetle 49-52 chrome BBT

0012-1 Bumper front Beetle 68-74 (EUR) original chrome – square model BBT

0013-1 Bumper rear Beetle 68-74 – Original chrome – square model BBT

Do you know of an other supplier share this kind of information with his customer base or with the entire world like we do? I never saw this no place. But as we care and our main goal is to make your Volkswagen better we’re happy to share and show You.

Don’t delay, buy BBT bumpers today!

Available through the BBT distribution network, email for a BBT dealer near you!

The future of sheetmetal packaging for your Volkswagen.

BBT and our suppliers will set a new standard in sheetmetal packaging.

All of our sheetmetal we make will be packed individual nicely in its own box, very easy to ship and way better to avoid damage and scratches…

Welcome in our VW world we try to make better… every day….

This is how our sheet metal delivery looks… right now! and we will continu to make it better! Forget the flimsy repair panels from back in the day we’re working on real deep throat stamped restoration sheet metal… no mickey mouse or scooby do…. but only the real stuff, like VW used to supply… but unfortunately isn’t able to do anymore….