Product update

BBT Friday product update!

Welcome to this new edition of our Friday product update… our parts team did a wonderful job with the new publications this week. All parts we show here are also readily available on our website for our distributors to order for you! Just click in the description or the picture to get redirected to our online catalog to see all details!

1293-450 Backing plate rear left, All Bug 08/64-07/67
1294-450 Backing plate rear right, All Bug 08/64-07/67

Another add-on in our ever-growing backing plate program! A real proud BBT production!

0664-200 Headlight grills Speedster style All Bug and Bus -67and Porsche 356, pair

The real stuff, the only grills we put on our BBT cars!

0963-250 Decklid innercable Karmann Ghia – black


A new exploded view was introduced this week to guide You how to order the right water hose for your Vanagon Wasserboxer engine…  all Vanagon water hoses are a real proud BBT production!



BBT Friday product update!

Very welcome to our weekly BBT product update…

6589-100 Pop-Top hold down strap, all Bus Westfalia 08/63-07/72, grey

This is the real thing to hold your pop top down, 90% is cracked or broken already, maybe better check yours!


This week we got a bunch of new wire loom references, choose the right one for your car, they’re in stock, ready for immediate delivery!

0694-6869 Main wiring harness, all Bus 68-69
0694-7071 Main wiring harness, all Bus 70-71
0694-7272 Main wiring harness, all Bus  1972
0693-6165 Wiring harness, Karmann Ghia 61-65
0693-6666 Wiring harness, Karmann Ghia 1966
0693-6767 Wiring harness, Karmann Ghia 1967
0693-6869 Wiring harness, Karmann Ghia 68-69
0693-7071 Wiring harness, Karmann Ghia 70-71
0693-7273 Wiring harness, Karmann Ghia 72-73



BBT Friday product update!

Here we are again for your favorite weekly product information and upgrade.

let’s start with some new products first! so what’s new in BBT program this week?

0573-150 Seatbelt 3-point black, universal, with E-mark, each

For those who feel (like me) that automatic roll up seat belts do not belong in a beetle! this is safe and old school same time…


1415-100 Gasketkit for Swing transaxle – German

Yes we’re serious! Finally a German gasket set for your gearbox with real gaskets! Real quality first for us!


1415-150 Gasketkit for ‘IRS’ transaxle – German

Of course we have both models for your beloved one…

1335-250 Bushing sway bar 1302/1303 -07/73, Superbeetle, BBT

Say bye to shimmy!

1409-595 Boot for gearshift joint on gearbox T25 08/82-

Only for You T25/T3 lovers!


BBT Friday product update!

Hallo again for our weekly product update…

This week only brand new items in our BBT parts program….

1368-260 Steering peg in steering box, all Bay window bus 08/67-07/72

This is the key part to rebuild 98% of your early bay window steering boxes! Believe it or not but with this high quality made part you can bring that old sticky ZF steering box in a brand new dimension and give you a fresh steering like never before since your bus left the assembly line!

1368-260-blog 1368-260.1-blog

0492-854 Filler neck hose, rubber, all Bay window bus 08/67-07/71

Between your gas cap and fuel tank, pretty nasty when you have a leak over there!


0882-100 Hump on floorplate, left,  all Beetle 08/72- & Super Beetle, OE-quality


0882-200 Hump on floorplate, right, all Beetle 08/72- & Super Beetle, OE-quality


1251-005 Brake switch 3 terminals – German

After being tired leaking of everything else from China to Brasil and everything in between I only mount these on our BBT cars, period!

1251-005-blog 1251-005.1-blog
Next week more candy… take care!