Another working day…

BBT’s Filip is well known…. beside being the longest of all @ BBT (18 years and counting) he’s always running around to get things done. Now responsible for website and publishing he always tried to take pictures “the other way”.

Last summer we “snapped” him without his knowledge during another one of his crazy sessions…

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It’s because of people like Filip, who give really everything from themselves, to make what they want to make, BBT is today what it is… Our company is driven on passion, not only from me, but from all and everybody involved, a passion for their work, a passion for what they do, and especially how they do it… That make’s the difference between BBT and other companies…

Thank You Filip, Thank You all of BBT, and Thank You, as a customer, supplier… fan… without your support we would never be able to keep it going!

It’s so nice to enjoy BBT’s magic world daily… if you’re not in, join… you will see what we mean…. we’re like modern hippies! hah!

Start your career @ BBT now!

Good news for work a like people, BBT is currently on the lookout for an orderpicker/packer & administration co-worker.


You ’re in parts dept or office dept, rarely see cars, it’s not as romantic as you may think off, but it’s in a surrounding you like (otherwise you would not be on this BBT Blog…)

Speaking of good Flemish language is absolutely necessary because communication in a decent way with your new colleague’s is important…

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