Period picture Sunday…

Just random early pictures picked up from several sources, just for all of us to enjoy and let us dream…


Ice cream served from a fibre glass food truck?

100% Fiberglass food truck serving ice cream @ shopping center in Alicante, Spain.

Franchising business will never stop.
Wonder if they have a license from Volkswagen to build these bodies?

Volkswagen bus is a 3 dimensional protected property of Volkswagen AG, no way around…:)


Period Schwimmwagen pictures

Happy Sunday.

Enjoy these period schwimmwagen pictures saved up by several BBT Blog fans from the internet…

Schwimmwagen are still the most spectacular Volkswagens ever build, we suppose everybody agree on that!


Best VW show in Brazil? Curtiba volksfest… enjoy the video!

Curitiba Volksfest is the best VW show of Brazil and one of the top VW shows from planet earth.

If you want to experience a show in the second largest Volkswagen country of the world You should block May 6-8 2023 in your agenda and start shopping airline tickets.

We can meet overthere!

Enjoy the video from this year edition, click the picture below.

Video not visible? Click HERE

If You want to see more pictures you can click HERE for the Facebookpage of the event