Customer cars

Another happy BBT customer

Robert from Claremont California USA is uber happy with his ex Belgian cool 1952 split… this car runs super happy with the necessary and correct BBT parts…


(very) old Belgian license plate looks good!


BBT “flies” @ 166MPH together with VW Heroe Darrell Vittone and his insane Karmann Ghia! !

Darrell Vittone (son of original Empi founder Joe Vittone for those who don’t know) attacks the land speed records in the 36 Hp class last couple of years and he does very succesful!

It’s no secret Darrell and Bob (from BBT Belgium) coming along very well with each other. So when Darrell asked Bob for some rare parts to make his Ghia running top^level again Bob was all help and supplied the necessary. This made Darrell such happy he prompt decorated his Ghia Doors with huge BBT stickers!!

Together we flew last Saturday morning (the BBT stickers and Darrell that is) @ 166mph over the dry lake race track and so Darrell broke his previous record of 162mph and stay absolutely world champion in this class!

Some atmosphere pictures!!

darrell Vittone! 2 _resized

Top 36 HP engine based on an early 25hp engine case delivered by BBT!

darrell Vittone!_resized

Dailing in like it should!! A work of art!! Darrell and his team are the best, or maybe even better as the best!!


Approved BBT quality, flies along top speeds!


super cool car, super cool parts, super cool performance!!


Darrell you’re a heroe for many of us! Please continue to do what you do, we just love it!!!


Super Ghia goes for a new Land Speed record, with BBT parts!!

Darrell Vittone, famous from several VW drag race cars in the sixties and seventies, is challenging the 36HP land speed record challenge¬† for a couple of years now. With this cool Karmann Ghia coupe he will prep a new engine for a new record trail…….

darrell Vittone!_resized

BBT supplied the real special early engine case and some other parts and Darrell will exercise his beautiful fast Ghia with BBT publicity on his doors…that’s what you’re friends for, right?

darrell Vittone! 2_resized.jpg


Go with the pro’s! Go with BBT, supplier to the worlds nicest and fastest Volkswagens…¬†