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On Sunday we have elections in Belgium.
In a tiny country with a most complex political structure this means something.

We must “vote for the best”, as we tend to say.
Lucky, we do not have to vote for good VW parts.

Just call BBT for that.
Welcome to BBT News.

T25/T3/Vanagon shifters are not known for being though and tend to break.
Metal fatigue, corrosion, or wrong engineering, or all three together?

We deliver now brand-new shifters in an improved material.
Galvanized to protect against corrosion.

We cater both models, 4 and 5 speed.
Pick yours.

All other T25/T3/Vanagon shifter and shifter linkage parts HERE.

0511-250 Shifter (4 speed) Bus 05/79-07/92
0511-255 Shifter (5 speed) Bus 05/79-07/92

We add the gland nut for Porsche 356/912 to our range.
This gland nut matches our 356/912 flywheel HERE.

Besides, we do love early Porsches (who do not?) this combo fits perfect to early VW engines.
Perfect fit for your old speed 25/30Hp engines (That’s 36 HP SAE for our American friends).

For stock early engine restoration, we advise starter rings for your original Flywheel HERE.

1530-050 Gland nut and ring (Chromoly) – Porsche 356 / 912

Tire inflation is important, we all know.
We add the tire pressure sticker for T25/T3/Vanagon.

Always handy not have to search for correct tire inflation pressure.
Tire inflation pressure sticker for Beetle & Karmann Ghia HERE.

6200-250 Sticker tire pressure – Bus 05/79-07/92

All front axle torsion leaves for Beetle & Bus back in stock now!
Check them out HERE

0157-50 Engine lid – Bus 07/76-07/79
BBT engine lids do not have punched holes for license plates or tags.
We deliver them nice and smooth.

0492-10 Fuel tank connection (kit) – Beetle/KG, Bus -01/74, Type181, Type3

0686 Dome/ handbrake light switch – Beetle/KG 08/60-, Bus 08/67-, Type3
Unbeatable price/quality check our quantity pricing.

1755 Push rod tube 25/30HP DIN or 36 HP SAE for our American friends

All our piston rings back in stock now!
Click >HERE< to get redirected and order yours now!

BBT News team wish you an elected weekend!
Vote for the best!

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