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How much rain do you need?
Western Europe experiences the most wet spring in history.

Rain keeps on pouring so bad farmers cannot work on most of their fields.
This weekend we will attend a brand new vintage VW show in Belgium.

Major task will not to show off but to keep all dry!
The only way you can feel the spring is the rain getting warmer…. LOL.

Hope for the better soon!
Welcome to the BBT News.


Most European countries had specific specs before European homologation was born for new cars.
Volkswagen mounted additional indicators/ side markers as M code 34 for Italy and M46 for Denmark.

These supplementary side lights got their own proper VW part nr 111 953 061A.
For other countries you find these extra indicators or side markers dealer installed frequently, mainly because of safety reasons.

0616-450 Side light Universal – Amber
0616-455 Side light Universal – White


We also add an extra wire loom to our total assortment of wire looms.
All our wire looms HERE

0692-5657 Wiring harness – Beetle Convertible 1956-57


We supply the shims for the beetle link pins separately now.
Sold each or in a set for a complete car of 32pcs.

Correct dimensions are 18mm inside over 34mm on the outside.
Complete beetle king and link pin rebuild sets HERE

1330-050 Shim linkpin – Beetle/KG -07/65


4225-025 Coolant filling reservoir WBX/Diesel – Bus 08/82-


1257-12 Brake fluid reservoir – Beetle/KG 08/67-, Type3 08/67-, Type181 (rectangular)


1335-3 Bushing standard damper – Beetle/KG, 1302/03 – 07/74, Bus 03/55-07/79, Type3, Type181, Type4 (2pcs)


1457 Bumpstop rear axle (75mm) – Beetle/KG 08/59-, Type3


BBT News team wishes you a dry weekend, hopefully we meet at Flanders Fields Vintage VW show.

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