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Did you go to a VW show lately?
You should.

It is amazing how nice people build their cars these days.
Always better, nicer, and more accurate.

Be it stock or modified.
BBT is proud to be part of our Volkswagen world.

We do not stop developing nor adding parts to our lines.
This week no different.

Welcome to BBT News.


Karmann Ghia’s are cool cats.
We decided to expand our line of Ghia parts extensively.

This week we add the aluminum profiles that hold the rubber seal between body and side windows.
Pre bent for easy installation.

Sold as complete set of six pieces for one car.

Rubber between this trim & body and around pop outs HERE
Rubber between this trim and glass HERE

0759-189 Window seal trim (set) – Karmann Ghia 09/59-07/71


T25/T3/Vanagon gets attention as well.
We add this little dust cap.

Sits on the outside of the rear bolt of your rear trailing arm.
Looks a lot like a wheel bolt cap (HERE) but much shorter.

1378-312 Cap on bolt trailing arm rear – Bus 05/79-08/92


More people want to make their cars like they left the factory.
We add more parts to help.

These carpet rings are a nice touch on that path.
Every carpet kit should have these rings, but manufacturers leave them out often to save on cost.

Sitting at foot level, something you look at often.
You can now put your own rings in your existing carpets.

Gain that looks of originality!
Rings up to 1952 been longer time in our range HERE

0540-080 Foot heater rings – Beetle 04/52-07/55 (pair)
0540-090 Foot heater rings – Beetle 008/55-07/64 (pair)


There is no secret BBT has a close relationship with our Italian friends from the Rhibo/Maxicar factories.
BBT helped out Rhibo/Maxicar several times in the past.

Happy to help when Rhibo/Maxicar asked for help to improve their sloping headlight fenders.
We shipped them a pair of original fenders to adjust the heights of headlight bucket and horn grills.

They adjusted their tooling (not simple on an old over-used tooling) and succeeded.
Helping the project they choose BBT to tell the VW world about their improvements.

We are happy to announce we received our first load of the adjusted fenders.
Upon close inspection the headlight buckets and horn grill holes are properly lined out now.

Being part of the project, we received the very first production run now, ready for delivery.
Maxicar/Rhibo fenders are close to 06/60-07/67 fenders.

BBT fenders up to June 1960 also back in stock HERE

0104 Wing front left -07/67
0105 Wing front right -07/67


The BBT NEWS team wish you a wonderful weekend.

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