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Western Europe had some really nice, cozy and warm spring weather lately.
Our beloved classics leave their winter barns and start cruising.

BBT tries to help to make that cruising’ as smooth as it gets.
Our parts are made for our own Volkswagens.

A love and passion we’re glad to share with all of you!
Welcome to the BBT NEWS.


Bus seats are important to carry your passengers the safe way.
Quality of hardware for middle and rear seats went down a LOT by most suppliers.

As our regular long-time suppliers let us down, we had to find alternatives.
We teamed up with other people in the VW industry understanding our needs.

 We are proud to launch today real cast iron middle and rear seat mounting hardware.
Exactly as original that is!

We all know that quality comes at a price, we choose safety first!
After all these seats carry your beloved ones, just imagine!

Clamps for 67 and later buses come with a notch, to keep them in place.
Here your seat frame has holes to receive that notch.

Measurements are from bottom to the top surface where the (wing)nut comes.
The correct T-shape bolt made by the OE manufacturer you find HERE

8072-030 Mounting plate for middle seat – Bus 50-07/79
8072-040 Wing nut for middle/rear seat – Bus 50-07/79, Beetle STD -07/65


8072-110 Clamp for middle seat – Bus -07/66, Beetle STD -07/65
8072-120 Clamp for rear seat – Bus -07/66
8072-210 Clamp for middle seat – Bus 08/66-07/79
8072-220 Clamp for rear seat – Bus 08/66-07/79

Besides the four well known different clamp models there is a number five as well.
Volkswagen books and literature are incomplete and vague,

We had to discover by research on original buses.
Used in standard buses up to 67 delivered without rubber mat.

As this application does not use BBT 8072-040 mounting plate the clamp is made higher.
Choose your clamps for perfect fit and transport your beloved ones the safe way.

8072-115 Clamp for middle seat (without floor mat) – Bus -07/66



 As we love our Ghias we now stock the correct outside window scrapers for lowlight Ghia’s
Later model outside window scrapers you can find HERE

0759-118 Scraper outside – Karmann Ghia 55-07/59 (pair)



Out of popular demand we now stock  the floor mat for 60-67 right hand drive buses.
Made in an exceptional nice quality.

Holes correctly cut.
Comes with square structure at the bottom exactly as original.

Our complete family bus cab floor mats HERE

0538-565 Floormat RHD – Bus 08/59-07/67 (black)


0104-050 Fender front left -10/52 with horn grill SWT


0708 Emergency brake boot – Beetle/KG 08/64-, Type3 08/67-, Type181 black


1341 Beam adjuster front axle ‘Sway-a-Way’ – Beetle/KG 08/65-, Type181


0337 Windowrubberkit ‘Deluxe’ – Beetle 08/64-07/71, Mexico 01/78- (alu trim)


The BBT News team wishes you sunshine, a weekend full of it.

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