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Some new rubbers for T25/T3/Vanagon, and a  new production for split window beetle parts.
This week we show that we cover all volkswagen models that came with air-cooled engines.

Very early till very last models, we might have the parts you need.
Let us introduce you to our new “harvest” of this week.

Welcome to BBT News.


T25/T3/Vanagon Syncro models have a completely different fuel tank and filler set up than  their regular brothers.
The gas tank being in the back, makes that the filler neck moved also to the rear part of your ride.

Kept in place with a rubber to its bracket to avoid unnecessary vibrations and a precise fit.
We now bring you  this very specific rubber for the Syncro filler neck.

Another proud BBT production to get these rubbers in an excellent quality at a fair price.
Other fuel neck rubbers and derivates you can find HERE

0492-865 Filler neck seal Synco – Bus 10/84-07/92


Also T25/T3/Vanagon pick-up models don’t escape our attention.
We made the rubber seals for the treasure chest doorhandle.
Fits single as double cab treasure chest doorhandles.

0723-730 Seal Treasure chest door handle large – Bus 05/79/07/92 BBT
0723-735 Seal Treasure chest door handle small – Bus 05/79/07/92 BBT


Beside our premium brake drum line from OMC, we also work hard on our house brand brake drums.
High quality brake drums made in Brazil by a large brake drum manufacturer.

BBT brake drums  come in their custom designed boxes.
For 2024, we plan significant expansion of our range private label brake drums.

1289-001 Rear brake drum – Bus 08/70-07/79 BBT


Battery cover mounting kits for your split window beetle or barndoor bus, we sold out too long ago, are BACK!
We had to make brand new tooling as the old tooling was badly stored.

Quiet a challenge but we succeeded again and finished this project.
Making these necessary items back available.

0637-9 Batterycover mountingkit – Beetle -09/52 (pair) BBT


We updated our 4 Watt bulbs for parking lights.
Because the wrong design of the old badge where the collar plied outside, they did not fit early reflectors.

We changed that design and are now happy to offer these with a perfect fit for all headlight reflectors.
Plenty of stock and cool quantity breakdowns.

Buy yours now.
BBT stocks all necessary bulbs for your air-cooled Volkswagen HERE

0661-10 Bulb 6 volt 4W (pair)
0661-20 Bulb 12 volt 4W (pair)

Large production of Sintermetal bearings arrived on our shelves last week.
All sizes are back available.
Complete list of our Type 1 main bearings and all their sizes HERE

1607-100 Main bearings Type1 1.00 crankshaft/STD case
1609-0-20 Main bearings Type1 STD crankshaft/0.50 case (thrust -2mm)
1609-075 Main bearings Type1 0.75 crankshaft/0.50 case
1610-050 Main bearings Type1 0.50 crankshaft/0.75 case
1611-0-20 Main bearings Type1 STD crankshaft/1.00 case (thrust -2mm)
1611-025-20 Main bearings Type1 0.25 crankshaft/1.00 case (thrust -2mm)
1612-025-20 Main bearings Type1 0.25 crankshaft/1.50 case (thrust -2mm)
1612-025-21 Main bearings Type1 0.25 crankshaft/1.50 case (thrust -1mm)
1612-050-20 Main bearings Type1 0.50 crankshaft/1.50 case (thrust -2mm)


BBT News team wishes you a cool, cozy and relaxed weekend!

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