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Do we know how lucky we are?
After the floods in Greece and south Brazil there was storms and an earthquake in North Africa.

Every week the world is shocked by new natural disasters.
Living in an “safe” area you cannot take for granted.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict what nature has in store for us.
But what we do can tell you is what is new this week @ BBT.

Welcome to BBT News.

T25/T25/Vanagon lovers we start for you this week.
if your rear corners are rusty only up to the seem you do not have to buy a complete corner anymore.

We do stock now 8cm high lower repair panel for your rear corner.
Difficult little piece to form yourself we give the perfect solution.

Together BBT # 0892-360 & -361 and BBT # 0892-370 & -371 you can repair this rust sensitive area the easy way.

0892-366 Lower rear corner repair (8cm) left – Bus 05/79-08/92
0892-367 Lower rear corner repair (8cm) right – Bus 05/79-08/92


U channels sitting in your vent wing frame on your beetle sedan where your door roll up window slides should be 9mm wide up to 1964.
For 1965 and later beetle sedans this widens here up to 11mm.

Convertible beetles always used the 9mm wide profile from 1952 up to end of production.
For years we do supply these channels in a nice decent German made quality.

We add now the correct length for the early beetle sedan now to avoid waste.

BBT # 0349-050 is 580 mm long and 9mm wide for Beetle sedan 52-64
BBT # 0349-1 is 580mm long and 11mm wide for Beetle sedan 65-
BBT # 7034 is 800mm long and 9mm wide for Beetle convertible all years.

0349-050 Windowfelt quarterlight – Beetle 08/52-07/64, Type3 04/61/07/65 (pair)





We could convince SACHS to run a private production for the 180mm clutch disc pressure plate.
For now we received the 180mm pressure plate without collar fresh from production.

Without collar pressure plates is only used on transmissions with pilot guide for your release bearing.
We work hard to get the 180mm with collar for non guided release bearing produced any time soon.

Other SACHS items produced for BBT

BBT # 1500 180mm Clutch disc
BBT # 1501 200mm Clutch disc

BBT # 1510 200mm Pressure plate without collar for guided release bearing.
BBT # 1511 200mm pressure plate with collar for non-guided release bearing

Huge quantity on the shelves as we have to swallow full production runs.
Buy yours now!

1514 Pressure plate 180mm without collar



Together with the pressure plate above we got our new full production run for the 200 mm clutch disc.

1501 Clutch disc 200mm 1600cc


The BBT News team wish you a wonderfull weekend, don’t forget to clutch and remember that you are lucky living in a country where we can enjoy our classic car hobby!

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