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Can you feel the force?
A pop song by British soul group The Real Thing,

Released as a single on 26 January 1979.
It became an instant hit.

Google it, it is a cool disco song.
We feel the force too.

From all corners of our VW world the “force” is working.
The VW hobby only becomes bigger and bigger.

It does not stop, it’s only growing.
We help where we can.

New and better parts, always.
Presented here and now as each Friday.

Welcome to the BBT News.

We add another roof to our VW bus roof line.
We also add the complete Samba roof.

This roof comes complete with rain gutters, strengthening bows, fresh air box and skylight pressings with their correct inner reinforcements.

It is a great extra roof in our complete roof line up HERE

Nobody stocks more roofs than BBT, nobody.
Because we make them….

0890-802-2 Complete Roof samba/deluxe – Bus 08/63-07/67 SWT


A perfect fit to your new roof?
Or just a replacement of your old scruffy faded ones?

Or just missing as in so many buses?
We release the hardboard sunvisors for early Deluxe buses.

Original used from 1955 up to 1959 when replaced by the padded ones.
Of course fits in every year T1 bus for that cool effect.

So much nicer than padded visors.
Finished in durable hardboard in correct grain.

All metal parts are made in highly polished high grade stainless steel.
Sold per pair in ivory or grey color.

All our bus sun visors found HERE

0560-005 Sunvisors ‘Deluxe’ brown – Bus 03/55-07/58 (pair)
0560-006 Sunvisors ‘Deluxe’ grey – Bus 03/55-07/58 (pair)


Unhappy with  the inferior quality on the market we decided to tool up and made our own late model fuel cap.

We made them with a decent lock that locks well and does not fall out.
Also, enough windings make them fit as an original.

Proudly packed in its custom designed BBT Box.
We have plenty stock and attractive quality pricing.

We are working on more fuel caps, will be continued.

0491-01 Fuel cap screw with lock – Beetle 01/72-, KG 09/71-, Type3 01/72- BBT


Huge shipment of Silver weld through panels came in.

0890-994 Frontpanel – Bus 08/63-07/67 SWT

0890-681 D-pillar gusset left – Bus -07/63 SWT
0890-682 D-pillar gusset right – Bus -07/63 SWT



0890-62L Chassis outrigger rear left – Bus -12/59 SWT
0890-62R Chassis outrigger rear right – Bus -12/59 SWT

Do you feel the force? We certainly do!
The BBT news team wishes you a funky weekend!

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