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On September 1 schools start back in Belgium after the summer holidays.
It is like the whole country awakens from a deep summer sleep.

Do you suffer the August blues?
Volkswagen people don’t need those mental traps.

Looking at our cars can be enough to create our holiday feelings!
Let us help you to enjoy that (VW) holiday even better.

More and better parts.
Welcome to the BBT News!

We tooled up to bring you the perfect deformation panel behind the front bumper of your late bay window bus.

The Brazilian model ,which is/was available, has a round shape in the front.
This because they use early bay window bumper profiles.

European buses need a nice flat front deformation panel.

We make them exactly like original.
2,5mm thick steel and one piece deep pressed.

During research and development, we found out there is a 1973 only model as well!
No VW parts book or microfiche mentions this.

The difference you can see if yours has flat or upright ends.
We bring you both as your bus deserves nothing less than a correct restoration.

The 74-79 separate end pieces available HERE
The 1973 seperate end pieces will be available soon.

Get yours now!

0891-219 Deformation panel front bumper – Bus 08/72-07/73
0891-220 Deformation panel front bumper – Bus 08/73-07/79

74-79 sold out already, new production is running.
We’re happy to take you reservations.


Let us get this straight.
Our factory used a wrong protection film at our first production.

The film was too sticky and very hard to remove.
After we found out we made a new production run.

We destroyed all mirrors with bad protection film.
We supply only the good ones from now on!

0457 Mirror oval right, long arm – Beetle -07/67
0457-010 Mirror oval right, short arm – Beetle -07/67



1569-100 Flywheel 25-30hp – 180mm – lightened
1574-200 Flywheel 200 mm Type4 engine > Type1 gearbox
1574-215 Flywheel 215 mm


0642 Tail light lens European Karmann Ghia 08/59-07/69


0413-6 Wirbulator


0616-300 Front indicator lens orange – TQ – Karmann Ghia 11/58-10/63

BBT NEWS team wishes you a super cool back to school weekend.
Enjoy that VW!

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