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Visitors to Le Bug Show last week on the Spa Francorchamps Formula 1 racetrack experienced first-hand…
The VW hobby is alive and kicking.

Shows are getting larger and bigger.
Cars get better and more expensive.

To help hereby we present every week our new arrivals,
This week is no different.

Welcome to the BBT News.

Let us start with a Big Bang!
We introduce the roof for your splittie Double cab pick up truck.

That is right from now on, we stock the roof for the T1 Double cab.
Brand new nicely packed in a box.

All our T1 splittie roofs and parts to make them right HERE

0890-850 Roof double cab – Bus -07/67 SWT


We have very nice front indicator lenses for 64-67 splittie bus BBT # 0616-52 & BBT # 0616-53
We now add  the same indicator lenses but with E sign, as requested by some customers.

0616-525 Turnsignal lens left – Bus 08/63-7/67 clear/orange with E-marking
0616-535 Turnsignal lens right – Bus 8/63-7/67 clear/orange with E-marking

check the signs in the lens…


BBT Frederik thought it was an innovative idea to add a “REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT” key fob.
Always cool to hang on several spots in your car.

The number one accessory out of the dragster world.
Sharply priced for lots of fun!

6000-110 Key Rings ‘Remove before flight’ – red

We opened a brand-new tool for this bushing.
We get them in a better quality and finish.

We set new ever low prices with very cool quantity discounts.
Check it out!

1335-250 Bushing sway bar 1302/1303 -07/73 (Superbeetle)


We got a large delivery of piston rings in.
Most sizes are back on our shelves now!

1705 Piston rings 77mm 2,5/2,5/4
1705-01 Piston rings 77,5mm 2,5/2,5/4
1706 Piston rings 77mm 2/2/4mm
1706-01 Piston rings 77,5mm 2/2/4mm
1706-02 Piston rings 78mm 2/2/4mm
1708-01 Piston rings 86mm 2/2/5mm
1708-02 Piston rings 86,5mm 2/2/5mm
1709 Piston rings 85,5mm 1,75/2/5mm
1709-04 Piston rings 88mm 2/2/5mm
1799-1 Piston rings 93mm 2/2/5mm – Type4 1800cc
1799-2 Piston rings 94mm 1.75/2/4mm- Type4 2000cc, T25 DF/DG

BBT News team wishes you a very nice weekend, enjoy the last summer weekend of the month of August



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