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The hectic to arrange the BBT booth for Spa Francorchamps Le Bug show last weekend messed up the schedule for our NEWS.
So, we send out today!

Super cool arrivals for our and your Classic Volkswagen as every week.
Welcome to BBT NEWS.

Specific and only used for Karmann Ghia from 1957 till 1964.
This interior “dome” light enlarges our family of interior lights HERE

0688-110 Interior light – KG 09/57-07/64

The brake idiot light in your dashboard found in all Volkswagen models in the seventies.
Warned for brake fluid failure and/or emergency brake use.

Many times, broken, faded, or missing now we stock a nice reproduction.
Some use four other use five wires, check your old one or wiring what you need.

We do stock both models, ready for worldwide shipping.

2650-050 Brake and emergency brake warning light, 4 pin
2650-051 Brake and emergency brake warning light, 5 pin


Massive order of cables arrived, all models back in stock now!
Do You use our application lists with direct links for cables already?

All our Throttle cables HERE
All our clutch cables HERE
All our brake cables HERE
All our Heater cables HERE
All our Speedometer cables HERE

0900-04 Clutch cable – Beetle,KG 02/66-07/71

0920 Brakecable – Beetle/KG 08/67-07/72 Swing axle
0920-07 Brakecable – Beetle/KG 08/64-07/72 (IRS)
0923-04 Brakecable – Bus 04/68-07/79 Italy – 380/3145mm


0930-06 Heater cable – Beetle 11/62-07/64

The BBT News hope you had a cool VW weekend, wish you a happy week and get you more news on Friday.
Stay tuned!

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