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Not a lot of news today, but therefor no less important.
We had many arrivals, arrivals of long-time back orders.

Meanwhile we enjoy the sunny spring weather in western Europe, El Ninjo is good for us.
Drive our convertibles to work every day!

Welcome to BBT News.

This small 6mm inner diameter rubber grommet is a real important one.
This rubber sits in the engine sheet metal on your firewall.

It protects the metal fuel line from friction against the engine sheet metal it goes through.
Friction will damage the steel fuel line make it leak, with disastrous consequences.

Is the decent shape of this rubber important? You bet!
Did you check the shape of this rubber on your beloved Volkswagen lately? You better.

Other rubber grommets where fuel lines go through the chassis you can find HERE

0969-206 Rubber fuel line through engne tinware – 6mm

Longer time back orders came back in.
Ready for delivery.

0027 Rubber for door step – Bus 08/72-07/79 (pair)

0034 Bumperbracket seal front & rear – Beetle 08/74-

0492-85 Filler neck hose – Bus 08/73-07/79

0510-050 Slide ring shifter – Beetle/KG -07/72, Type3 08/68-, Type181, Type411/12

0723 Engine lock seal – Beetle 08/71-

0736-120 Pin and spring for seat adjustment – Beetle 08/75-

0761-005 Rubbers front indicators – Beetle 08/69-07/74 (pair)

0782 Strap kit, B-pillar – Beetle 08/67- white (1pc)

3189-300 Clip headrest post – Beetle 07/76-, Bus 05/79-07/92

BBT News team wish you a splendid spring weekend, enjoy the sun where available!

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