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Inflation loses steam, what is always good, we had enough price rises, right ? This and a better dollar rate mean we can keep things steady for the moment.
The war in Ukraine gets into new episodes, but as the oil went down, it will not escalate more than likely. Oil and steel prices are always good barometers to see the forecast in wars.

Oil price down? So, gas gets cheaper, nothing holds you back anymore to drive that beloved classic Volkswagen more often, take it out and enjoy.
We bring new parts every week to keep them on the road.

Welcome to the BBT News

This week we focus on the oversize door hinge pins for split window bus.

When your cab door hinge has play, you will need to replace the door hinge pins to an oversize, we have these oversize door hinge pins for split window bus now available .

You need a correct size drill to drill the hinge to a correct diameter to accept the oversize pin.
Our door hinge pins for split window bus are made from brushed stainless steel.

Door hinge mirror arm, standard size HERE
New this week is the oversize door hinge mirror arm.

0475-560 Mirror arm 8.5mm, driver – Bus 03/55-07/67 stainless steel
0475-565 Mirror arm 8.5mm, passenger – Bus 03/55-07/67 stainless steel

The lower door hinge pins in standard size for your split window bus HERE


This week we bring also two oversize lower hinge pins.
Lower door hinge pins seem to be more wear sensitive.

0475-505 Door hinge pin 8.5mm – Bus -07/67 stainless steel
0475-510 Door hinge pin 9.0mm – Bus -07/67 stainless steel

In case oversize door hinge pins can’t fix the play because they are worn out too much we have complete cab door hinges HERE


The bolts which hold the cargo door hinges on split window buses always have a cover plug.

The plugs keep the bolt hole clean and give a nice finishing touch.

Up to 05/62 the correct plug is BBT #0716-6
For 06/62 up to 07/67 VW made a specific plug we present you here today.

Very similar to BBT #0716-2 but our new plugs have one flat side by purpose.
This way they get closer to the pillar.

The new plug is also used on all bay window double cab pick up trucks to cover the bolt holes from the rear doors.
You need two plugs per hinge, so 4 per door.

0716-610 Plug side cargo door hinge Bus 06/62-07/67, double cab -07/79 transparent

Many failures on fuel injection systems on air-cooled Volkswagens come because of improper functioning from the dual relay with 11 pins.

Unfortunately, Bosch quits production of this relay.
We could buy the last 40 pcs floating around.

Price has increased but at the end it’s better expensive than not for sale…

0683-000 Relais injectiemotor 11 pin – Kever 08/75-07/79, Bus 08/75-07/83


We found a new source for VDO fuel sending unit.
However, made in India, it is VDO brand.

0494-2 Fuel sending unit, VDO


The BBT News team wishes you a cool, relaxed and beautiful weekend, enjoy your VW’s!

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