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The Chinese president Xi Jinping called with Ukraine president Zelensky.
Trying to end the war is always a clever idea.

The South Korean president, Yoon Suk-Yeol, visited his US colleague Biden.
They try to show their forces to North Korea.
Nobody knows if that is a clever idea…. or not.

In Soudan, the war between two former best friend generals continues.
That is a bad idea.

President Putin should live more in bunkers than outside they said.
What a poor idea.

The inflation monster is disappearing.
Now that is a perfect idea.

Food price rise is leveling out.
And this is even a better idea.

What a week, and we have more for you.
Welcome to the BBT News.


Out of the remains from Dieter Schmidt Lorenz parts inventory we found this (huge) quantity of all original NOS 123mm long starter bolts.
123mm bolts hold your starter engine on bay window bus from 75-79 and on air-cooled T25/T3/Vanagon up to 1982.
Sport-O-Matic Beetles use this very same starter bolt up to 1970.

The bell housing on automatic 091 transmissions is a little longer what gives the necessity for this slightly longer bolt.
Standard starter bolt for stick shift beetles and buses op 1974 is 110 mm long and available HERE

1593-020 Starter motor bolt M10x123 – Bus 08/75-12/82, Beetle/KG automatic -07/70 NOS


If you want to run a stroker crank to raise the stroke of your engine you might need longer rods.
The length of the connecting rod should be proportional to the stroke of the crankshaft.

A longer rod is necessary to keep the engine running nicely and prevent premature wear.
We  now stock  a more economical forged chromoly alternative from AA Performance in 5.325′ length.

VW rod journal size means quite easy you can use Type 1 rod bearings.
They come in a set of four pieces and include the special torque bolts.

We also stock several different lengths of rods, in H beam original style HERE

1602-155 Rods 5.325 chromoly (Type1 rod bearings) – AA


Chromoly rods use special bolts.
We  carry these bolts HERE in an economical version.

For engines over 120Hp we strongly recommend using our new genuine ARP bolts.
Sold each.

1602-296 Bolt chromoly rods – ARP

Small details do matter!
We changed the design of our wiper axle grommets for late model beetle and bus.

Before we made upper and lower part symmetrical.
Study NOS examples we found differences.

Now we made them with a small inner lip and a conical inside on one side.
Inner lip keeps the water out.

The conical inside pays for an easier installation of your wiper axle.
Now we have them exactly as VW designed them.

Trivial details make us happy so we can bring a better part to our VW world.
Evaluated and approved on the BBT collection.

Our other model’s wiper axle grommets you find HERE

2425 Grommet wipershaft – Beetle/KG 08/69-, Bus 08/67-07/79, Type3

BBT news team wishes you a cool weekend, if you bump into one of us at Mai Käfertreffen in Hannover say hi !

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