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Lakes in South of France, Italy and other parts of Southern Europe are dry,
Climate change and global heating are really coming closer every day.

We must all think about tomorrow.
We must think about our old cars too.

The ecological footprint of classic cars is minimal.
Due to age andĀ  limited use.

In general a cellphone has more impact on global heating than a classic car.
But we must take care for our classics.

Hence, we try to bring you every week better parts to make our cars better.
Welcome to the BBT News.


We add this week a bunch of gaskets to keep your automatic transmission leak free and without spoiling the soils!
Our first new cork gaskets seal the big black metal oil pan on the underside of automatic gearboxes.

We have both models for all Beetle Sport-O-Matic and for 72-75 bus.
The last one is also the sameĀ  for all Type 3 and Type 4 automatics.

These new gaskets have been made from premium Cork exactly like original.
Sold each.

1417-200 Gasket oil pump automatic – Beetle/KG



1417-210 Gasket oil pump automatic – Bus 08/72-07/75, Type3, Type 411/412


The later model Bay window has a rubber gasket that we add at the same time.
This gasket seals the pan mounted with the four bolts.
Easy to recognize.

Also used on other Volkswagens with automatic transmission as Golf Mk1 & two, Scirocco, Porsche 924/944 to name a few.
1417-212 Gasket oil pump automatic – Bus 08/75-07/92


All automatic bus gearboxes have an extra small oil pan under the differential.
VW books tell this oil pan serves a perfect and easy oil change.

We also made these gaskets to have the complete line up.
We strongly recommend changing the gaskets on your automatic gearbox with each oil change to avoid leaking.

This gasket makes our line up for automatic gaskets complete.

1417-215 Gasket oil pump differential automatic – Bus 08/72-07/92


And finally, we add the beetle Sport-O-Matic oil pump gasket.
An engine oil pump for automatic beetle transmission is a double pump.

Where one side pumps engine oil, the other side pumps hydraulic transmission fluid.
The gasket between oil pump and engine case is the same as a regular oil pump HERE

Between the two compartments is an intermediate cover to connect both compartments.
We made this specific gasket that fits before and behind this intermediate cover.

Sold each, two needed per oil pump.

1805-040 Gasket oil pump automatic


We already supply for longer time the oil seals keeping the hydraulic transmission oil separate from your engine oil on Beetle and Ghia Sport-O-Matic transmission set ups.

We now changed the part no., so they sit correctly between other parts for oil pumps.

Sold each, two needed per oil pump.

1805-045 Seal in oil pump of automatic


BBT News team wishes you a splendid weekend, be careful with water, you will only know what it really means to you when there is none anymore, don’t let that happen…

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