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We try to create more and better parts for your Classic Volkswagen.
As every week we like to present you our latest catch.

Back in the day when we needed a replacement central tunnel bottom plate, we just went to the junk yard and cut one out, or killed another kind a donor.

With all Volkswagens being “saved and restored” these days donors become scarce.
This search is over now as we bring you a perfect replacement part.

Age as an enemy, cars get older, wear and rust are simply getting worse.
Whenever your beloved beetle used to have a leaking master cylinder, chances are real you will need a central tunnel bottom plate one day.

With  a total length of 128cm pressed to exact form and dimensions in strong 2mm steel to the correct model for a perfect fit and finish.
A perfect copy from the original made by a small but very passionate manufacturer.

Will fit all Beetles, Type 14 Ghia’s and Type 181/Trekker/Thing , but will not fit 1302/03 super beetles.¬†Sold each.

0869-050 Tunnel bottom repair panel – Beetle, KG, Type181 but not 1302/03 Super Beetle

Bottom plates for frame heads you find HERE



A rattling tailgate rod on BBT Pascal’s own 1962 panel van made us make the original rubber to prevent this irritating noise.

Every 55-63 bus or panel van came from the factory with this small rubber protecting the tailgate rod from rattling during driving.
Unfortunately, most of these rubbers have been long time gone.

Later on Volkswagen used the same rubber on the handle of the central heater divider valve handle down below at your feet in 64 to 72 buses, panel vans and pick-up trucks.

Will fit also all Brazilian made Kombi with small tailgate up to 1992.

Double purpose use made us pay some extra attention to make this rubber to correct dimensions.
Now available from our shelves, sold each.

0157-604 Rubber for tailgate support – Bus 03/55-07/63, lever foot heating valve 04/64-07/72



On top of every 1961 and later steering box are two small white plugs keeping the oil grease mixture inside and dust and dirt outside.
We now bring you these little but necessary plugs.

Will fit all 1961 and later steering boxes on beetles, Type 14 & 34 Ghia’s, Type 181/Trekker/Thing and the entire Type 3 family. Will fit also 1302/03 Super beetles up to 1974 model year.

Will not fit any year VW Buses or 1302/03 super beetles with rack and pinion steering.

Sold each and you will need two per car.

1368-080 Sealing plug steeringbox – Kever/KG 08/61-, 1302/03 -07/74 Type181, Type3 04/61-


The red plug for all bay window bus steering box you find HERE



0540-100 Floor vent cover w/flap left – Beetle 08/69-
0540-110 Floor vent cover w/flap right – Beetle 08/69-


0616-650 Turnsignal housing left – Bus 08/67-07/72
0616-660 Turnsignal housing right – Bus 8/67-07/72

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful and creative weekend.

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