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Let’s treat you with another BBT News today, it’s Friday after all.

After a lot of research and even more development we finished the transmission mount for the nose of your bay window transmission 1972 on.

For 72-79 buses there are two different mounts.
In our research we found out that 002 transmissions have a different nose mount than 091 transmissions.

The forks from the transmission nose mount for 002 transmissions are slightly longer.
If you use a 091 nose mount on a 002 transmission the forks do not completely fill up the bracket on the chassis.

This is quite easy to explain as the 091 transmission is slightly longer than its 002 predecessor.
091 and 002 transmissions are easy recognizable by the VW numbers on the transmission starts with either 002 or 091.

Weird thing is that Volkswagen uses the same part number for both, just superseded 002 transmission nose mount with the 091 one.
We bring back both models, with a different BBT number.

002 transmission nose mount is now ready and presented on picture below.
091 Transmission nose mount is in production as we speak and will become soon available.

Mounting brackets to mount these 72-79 transmission nose mounts are the same for both models HERE
Proudly BBT production on private tooling.

1489-765 Transmission mount on transmission nose (002) – Bus 08/71-07/79 BBT

Nose transmission mounts for 68-71Bay windows you find HERE


1972-1979 Bay window buses use specific nuts to adjust their emergency brake cables.
These specific nuts are square and bent fit for a13mm wrench.

The bent side is made to secure and stay in place, easy and effective.
No lock nut needed.

BBT brings back this original style bent nut produced on our private tooling.
Sold by the pair.

BBT carries many parts for bay window emergency brakes which you can find HERE

0929-210 Nuts for handbrake cable – Bus 08/71-07/79 (pair) BBT


We also finished this shift rod boot for T25/T3/Vanagon.
T25/T3/Vanagon uses two different shift rod boot, early and late.

79-82 T25/T3/Vanagon used to have a smaller diameter shift rod use a boot with a smaller diameter center hole.
Obsolete for years BBT decided to bring those back.

Early T25/T3/Vanagon have the right on their own correct parts too!
Sold each, proudly BBT producion on private tooling.

We upgraded later model shift rod boot as well what can be found here below.

1409-609 Boot for shift rod gearbox (091) – Bus 05/79-07/82 BBT



As above we also updated the production 83-92 shift rod boot for your T25/T3/Vanagon.
Because of new private tooling we could increase the quality and drop the prices significantly.
Also check our quantity pricing.

1409-610 Boot for shift rod gearbox – Bus 08/82-07/92 BBT



Many more items came back availble in last couple of weeks, we highlight some strong sellers for you, don’t miss out!

8061 Plate for chassis bolt


0362-5 Window sash – Bus 08/67-07/79

BBT News team wishes you a splendid weekend!

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