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Exactly one year ago Russia started the war with Ukraine.
What the Russian President Putin and many thought that the Western world was totally spoiled and at the end of its raison d’etre proved completely wrong.

The Western world showed a lot of unity and act together like one big block.
Our Western aim and force are still to defend our system of democracy and culture of freedom, rightly so.

Or as a friend of Da Houze stated yesterday, we can see the speech of President Putin, but Russians can’t see the speech of President Biden or NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg.
Our freedom gives us power for doing nice things, like collecting classic cars and so much more.

To help and support that hobby we, @ BBT, try to help with good and usable parts to keep your classic Volkswagen on the road or make your restoration a more easy one.
Every week we present what’s new and updated, welcome to our BBT News.


We start with simple necessary things that the brake system of your split window bus really needs.
These brand new clamp brackets  support your brake hose on your front spindles.

It prevents your brake hose from rubbing during steering in order not to damage and keep your brake system safe.
Many times missing, bend, damaged, or rusted, we now offer  the perfect brand new replacement.

Originally mounted behind your grease nipples.
Proudly produced by BBT after absolute NOS samples.

The rear brake line clamp and guide kit you can find HERE

1269-210 Brake hose clamp left (front axle) – Bus -07/67
1269-215 Brake hose clamp right (front axle) – Bus -07/67


We also finished our brand new suspension stop supports for the rear suspension of your beloved Beetle and Type 3.
These suspension supports mount on the swing axle rear spring plates and hold the rubber suspension stop.

Our brand new suspension stop holders will fit all Swing axle beetles and Ghia’s 1959 on and all Type 3 with swing axle suspension.
These suspension support holders are brand new BBT production after absolute NOS samples.

The suspension stop rubbers made by BBT are the exact 75mm length and can be found HERE

1457-050 Support suspension stop rear left – Beetle 08/59-, Type3 BBT
1457-060 Support suspension stop rear right – Beetle 08/59-, Type3 BBT


We also finished our fuel line bracket.
This little bracket holds and guides your fuel line on the left side of your fan shroud in your engine compartment.

Originally you cut open a short length of fuel line, ply over your steel fuel line and push in this bracket holder.
The little piece of rubber fuel line will protect the steel fuel line from rubbing and damage.

For first generation 34 DIN HP engines (40HP SAE for our American friends) we have the steel fuel line from fuel pump to chassis HERE
For later engines the fuel line is in development and we hope to release soon.

0979-520 Clamp fuel line on fan shroud – Type1 (not 25/30hp) BBT


We changed manufacturer and supplier for our early spring plates as our initial production proved to be incorrect.
A mule keeps going so we started a second production with an other manufacturer with much better result.

The spring plates from our new production  fit perfectly and the surface protection is much better.

We’re proud we now offer  the perfect solution spring plate replacement for your 52-59 Beetle and Ghia.

BBT produces since longer time the correct spring plate covers for 52-59 beetles and Ghias HERE
Spring plates for 1960 and later model beetles and Ghia’s with swing axle rear suspension can be found HERE

1437-105 Spring plate rear, left/right – Beetle 10/52-07/59

Many parts came back in stock last couple of weeks, let highlight some for you….

1457 Bumpstop rear axle (75mm) – Beetle/KG 08/59-, Type3

Besides German made HJS HERE we also have  our own production of exhaust gasket and bracket set.

1001 Exhaust gasket & bracket – BBT

1314-100 Tower rubber stop on shock absorber – Super Beetle -07/73 (1)

 The BBT news team wishes you a relaxed weekend.

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