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A small tsunami of arrivals this week.
Many long time backorders, more new products and a lot of inventory.

It was hands on this week in our Goods In dept.
Danny and his team worked through it and we have a lot of goods ready for delivery.

Exciting, like everything in BBT is exciting for the last 35 years.
That’s right last week we celebrated our 35th anniversary.

February 06, 1988, Bob opened up his first little shop in the shed in his parents garden.
Every day since we feel the excitement, excitement we’re been able to deliver the parts you need for your beloved Volkswagen.

Our dedication is larger than ever, and we’re here to stay, hence more arrivals, more new products and more inventory, to serve you better.
Welcome to our weekly BBT NEWS.

After close to 4 years development we present our inner front panel for late bay window.
Freshly from brand new cast tooling in our well-known Silver Weld Through brand.

We started from an absolute brand-new NOS example to cast our tooling.
To help you orientating, this is the panel holding the window washer tank behind the kick panels in the cabin of your 72-79 bay window bus.

This is an absolute exclusive BBT/Silver Weld Through production from our own private tooling.
The lower inner front panel for early bay window, longer time available already,  HERE

0891-976 Inner frontpanel – Bus 08/72-07/79 SWT


After we supplied the front bumper for your early bay window in white, we now stock  the same high quality bumper in Chrome.
This perfect reproduction bumpers are stamped on serious cast tooling especially for BBT.

0012-711 Bumper front center piece – Bus 08/67-07/72 (Chrome)
0012-716 Bumper front left part – Bus 08/67-07/72 (Chrome)
0012-721 Bumper front right part – Bus 08/67-07/72 (Chrome)

All BBT bumpers for your early bay window HERE


We completed our pop out hardware kit to suit all Beetle pop outs.
Some extra screws made this BBT kit serve for early and late model pop outs all alike.

The BBT pop out hardware kit exists out of 18 screws enough for both of your pop out windows.

0346-1 Mountingkit popout – Beetle


All our seals and hardware to fix or restore your pop outs HERE


As said in our introduction, many arrivals this week.

Our BBT made oil pump covers are back in stock.
Cup grinded as it should to a very high quality.

Sold out last time because of its perfect price and quality.

1805-01 Oil pump cover – Type1

BBT makes the complete family of grease caps for your spindles for every type of air cooled Volkswagen.
Don’t get fooled by inferior reproduction, ours are exactly like original.

Perfect fit, perfect look, your VW doesn’t deserve anything but the best!
The entire BBT grease cap family you can find HERE

1363-510 Greasecap spindle right – Beetle/KG -07/65 BBT


0890-347 Side panel short left – Bus 03/55-07/62 SWT

The BBT News team wishes you a splendid weekend!

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