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A second-round winter weather hits Western Europe.
Snow, ice and cold outside.

Inside BBT it’s cooking hot.
We keep on going with new products, more stocks, better infill….

On Friday we love bringing you our weekly update
Welcome to the BBT News.

Bus lovers, this week is exclusively to fix your front seats in your bus.
We start with the bracket to hold your early bench seat.

If not missing or frequently totally worn out.
We now offer a perfect replacement.

Also usable for walk through front seats, if you shape the C hole into a U form.

0890-143 Lower bench seat mount – Bus 03/55-07/62


Same time we add the brackets to hold the front passenger seat -76 or the 2/3 bench -79 in your Bay window Bus.
Same as above but here double holes, in order to adjust the angle of the backrest a little.

Sold per pair

0891-153 Bracket passengerseat lower – Bus 08/67-07/76, 2/3 bench -07/79


Bay window seat rails seem to bust several times.
Many times cut out for “replacement” seats from the Honda or Toyota donor out of the local junkyard.

Too many years of improper operating, dirt, dust, moisture and humidity take their tolls too.
Sitting on top of a rust sensitive wheel arch does not help life span neither.

No problem anymore, BBT now sells  brand-new seat rails for your Bay window bus!

Sold as set, for one seat.
Contains both parts sitting on your body, the sliders sitting on your seat are NOT included.

0891-155 Seat rails set – Bus 08/67-07/76

Also available: 0891-157 Seat rails set – Bus 07/76-07/79

BBT has a large range for specific seat hardware and more.

Click HERE and find out.

Hella decided to quit the production of their T25/T3/Vanagon taillights.

We now offer  a perfect alternative.
Very high-quality reproduction, perfect fit, tested and approved.

These taillights take Hella type bulb holders and  come with E -mark!
A perfect replacement at a fraction of the cost.

Thank you Hella.

0645-607 Taillight left – Bus 05/79-08/92 with back-up light and foglight
0645-617 Taillight right – Bus 05/79-08/92 with back-up light and foglight

After all struggles with shipping we received a huge shipment of fuel senders, most models are back in stock at our ever low prices!

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