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Friday the 13th and a new editor system.
But we’re not a Norwegian God nor have anything to see with the last supper.

That is where the Friday the 13th myth seems to come from.
Nothing to be afraid of, horror or unluckiness.

Maybe play the lottery?
Forget superstition, let’s talk reality.

Welcome to the BBT News.

We add the shift rod for late model beetle to our program.
When your shift rod is bend or the cast elbow came loose this is your perfect replacement.

1403-330 Shift Rod – Beetle/KG/Type181 08/72-

Do  you know that  BBT stocks a complete line of shift rods for your bus HERE 


Because of German running boards for your beetle only became more expensive over last couple of years we introduce again the cheaper Mexican running boards.

BBT Mexican running boards  come with a pre mounted 18mm wide molding.
Remarkable cheaper than our German running boards our Mexican running boards offer a perfect price/quality ratio.

Mexican running boards sold by the pair, German running boards sold each

0207-200 Running board Mexican (pair)

The complete BBT running board program you can find HERE


Type 3 lovers beware!

Oil cooler seals for early Type 3 “pancake” engines are different than for Type 1 engines.
These Type 3 specific seals  come larger in size but with a smaller 8mm inner diameter where Type 1 engines use 10mm diameter.

Single port Type 3 engines use these specific seals up to engine no. K 0 150 000.
Dual port Type 3 engines use these specific seals up to engine no. T 0 690 001.

BBT Type 3 specific oil cooler seals sold by the pair.
BBT cares for all engines!

1824-300 Seals oil cooler (8/8mm) – Type3 -7/69 (2)

All other BBT oil cooler seals can be found HERE


BBT is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Volkshaus USB chargers.
Volkshaus-BBT USB chargers  fit nicely in your ashtray and are easy to install.

Our new updated USB chargers for beetle and bus  work nicely on both  6 & 12 Volt! 

0699-250 USB charger for ashtray 6/12Volt – Bus -07/67

0699-200 USB charger for ashtray 6/12Volt – Beetle 08/57- (Not Super Beetle)

Not Silver Weld Trough but a very decent quality.
Happy we can supply again! 

0891-135 Front floor pan – Bus 08/67-07/72

Bay window steering wheels especially for early bay windows became a challenge to get lately.

We succeeded to participate in a new production and are happy we have both models bay window steering wheels back available now! 

2702-300 Steering wheel – Bus 08/67-10/73
2702-400 Steering wheel – Bus 11/73-07/79


We managed to get the good known FAG/INA quality of double tapered differential shaft bearing back in stock.
This bearing needs exceptional quality for its application that no reproduction can offer.

1493-110 Double tapered roller bearing differential shaft – Type1 73-, Bus 08/67-07/92

BBT wishes you a happy and enjoyable weekend.


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