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Happy New Year!
How many times you heard that last couple a days?

But we do feel it means this year so much more too many.
Many people seems to want to start a new way, a better way, a stronger way, a faster way.
We feel tons of energy everywhere.

After covid hopes are deeper as ever the Russian Ukraine war comes to and end so life can get back to a “new” normal!
We’re ready for it, are you with us?

We, @ BBT, do start strong this year.
Because of lower shipping rates we lowered over 70% of our SWT line prices.

We have a crazy promotion on T1 cab doors for as long as they last.
We have huge price drop on sliding roof cables as well.

We have plenty crazy projects for new products in the pipeline.
And more to come. We keep on moving’!

This just for you to let you know we are ready for what looks now like a magnificent 2023.
Will you join? Happy New Year!

After quite the struggle in development we are proud to present our chrome horn ring for your splittie bus!
Fits German as Brazilian splittie steering wheels.

Must be the coolest accessory launched for your splittie in years!
Never forget it’s your steering wheel you continuously look at while driving with your eyes on the road…:)

The mounting kit is available separately with either ivory or black horn button.

2702-160 Horn ring – Bus 03/55-07/67 & Bus Brazil, Chrome

2702-161 Horn ring mounting kit + button (ivory) – Bus 03/55-07/67, Bus Brazil
2702-162 Horn ring mounting kit + button (black) – Bus 03/55-07/67, Bus Brazil

More splittie bus items with these 4 small rubber grommets who prevent your front VW emblem from rattling against the front panel.
These rubber grommets protect the paint on your front panel same time.

Should be on every split window bus, missing too many times.
Finally available, get yours now!

Sold in sets of four exact quantity needed for one emblem.

0440-106 Seal emblem – Bus -07/67 (4pc)

Out of popular demand we add the gasket between flywheel and crankshaft on early engines.
25 & 30DIN HP (36SAE) do have this gasket originally mounted over the dowel pins.

Service manuals advise to change these gasket when changing the flywheel seal.
Sold each.

1645-100 Gasket flywheel – 25/30 (36SAE) HP

We changed our trickle charger to a new brand and a new model.
Same quality these come at the fraction of the price.

Delivered with clamp and eye connectors.

Trickle chargers save your batteries during longer periods of inactivity like wintertime storage and such.
We advise strongly to check battery fluid levels regularly when using trickle chargers.

0638-5 Battery charger 6V / 12V

Christmas don’t stop shipping lines so we got already some real cool back orders in this year!
Check out our new pricing on these items too!

0891-135 Front floor pan – Bus 08/67-07/72

2702-300 Steering wheel – Bus 08/67-10/73
2702-400 Steering wheel – Bus 11/73-07/79

Let’s make 2023 an unforgettable year for all of us…
Let’s 2023 R-O-C-K!

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