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After three years of lockdown Taiwan opened again a couple of weeks ago. Time for Bob to escape wintry weather in Western Europe and check out the SWT factories. Our split bus project completed and Beetle and Bay window projects started up.
Pictures “leaked” on the social media, with plenty reactions and feedback. We love feedback as it steers us in clear directions.

This taught us many thinks Taiwan and China is the same, being both low labor cost countries. Let us put that straight. Never mix up Taiwan with mainland China.
Taiwan is a modern country with high technology, freedom of speech and freedom of press. Taiwan is very western orientated, especially in regards to human rights. Kids go to school and people like to work. That last one differs from our western world what might make the difference, shouldn’t it?

The minimum wage in the factories making our SWT panels is $1500.00 a month, I know people in Belgium making less. Housing in Taiwan is expensive, especially in Taipei an apartment is up to ten times over the same in Antwerp. Living standard is high and close to Europe.

The Muscle Car GT factories, who make our SWT panels, have their own education center and good social system for their workers. We check it every visit, don’t worry.

Finally, long time ago we asked (begged) multiple sheet metal companies, in Europe and Brazil, for our sheet metal projects before heading east. None of these companies showed any interest and did not believe a restoration market existed. Only interest in producing “repair panels” for the time it would last and who needed high quality restoration panels? We proved the opposite.

Ten years ago, we met Mr. GT and Kevin from Muscle Car GT we teamed up, SWT was born, the rest is history.
Today we have weekly new launches, and hundreds of tooling finished. We started with the aim to make every panel available, for beetle and bus and some for other VW models too.

We worked hard and thanks to you, our customers, learned a lot. We take your feedback seriously. This knowledge gives us the power to continue making more. Today new launches, and more to come, stay tuned.

Welcome to the BBT news….

Double cab lovers beware.
Our SWT program will be soon completed with all specific panels to repair your double cabs to former glory!

Today we like you to present the specific front loading bed panel, obviously a shortened version from the single cab.
Exactly  like Volkswagen made it back in the day.
To restore your double cab 100% like original.

Rear loading bed panel for double and single cab click HERE

0890-762 Loading bed front pick-up (double cab) – Bus -07/67 SWT

We finished our family of belly pans, or under floor plates, whatever you want to call it.
Every VW bus with double door or sliding roof must have belly pans under its chassis for rigidity.

We finished all of them for correct model years, adding new models, put some modifications to others.
We are proud to present you our complete line up of belly pans with correct applications here below.

Beware, all buses seem to be a little different, what might cause small modifications necessary.
We made these series of pre-productions and would love to receive feedback on any one of them to make modifications on future production runs if necessary.

0890-725 Under floor-plate left – Bus 01/60-07/67 SWT

0890-735 Under floor-plate right – Bus 01/60-07/67 SWT



0890-72 Under floor-plate left – Bus 03/55-12/59 SWT

0890-73 Under floor-plate right – Bus 03/55-12/59 SWT

0890-710 Under floor central panel – Bus -07/67


That’s all for today folks, stay tuned for more.

The BBT News team wishes you a beautiful weekend, enjoy the season!

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