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In the last straight line to our Open House next week, we’re very excited to present a lot of new arrivals for real vintage Volkswagens, and some others as well!
We stay busy… all parts available through your local BBT dealer or at our counters next Wednesday till 9.00pm during our Open House.
Vintage lovers beware, we have real cool brand new developments to make your vintage VW life way easier!

We start this week with the generator pulley hub for 25 and early 30 Din Hp engines (that’s 36 Hp SAE for our American friends)
These hubs are almost all bad, because of the construction, but mainly about incorrect tightening of the big generator pulley nut.

All 25Hp engines use these 3-piece pulleys with separate hub and 2 separate pulley halves for the wide belt (BBT # 1941-050)
All 30DinHp (36SAE) use this hub with a different 3-piece pulley up to engine Nr 1-120614 (-07/55) for a small belt (BBT # 1941)

Stop the search for a good USED or NOS hub now, we made it of a NOS example to exact dimensions.
Now available from our shelves !

This is our first development in order to bring all exact pre 55 generator pulley components to the market again.
Why? Simply because we need them for our own cars!

1920-600 Hub generator pulley 25/30 HP DIN

More rare, but oh so necessary when you need them, are these one year only transmission nose mounts for 1960 model year only.
We made those because our NOS piles dried out over the years, and we hate to weld different set ups to our cars, original is the way to go!

If we say we’re aiming to make any VW engine & transmission mount ever existed this one was the rarer one to make.
The complete BBT range of engine and transmission mounts  can be found HERE

1485-105 Transmount front – Beetle/KG 08/59-07/60

More early and necessary engine parts!
The cam plug for 25 and 30DIN HP engines (36 HP SAE for our American friends) close the hole from the camshaft bore line behind the flywheel.

Smaller diameter as their 1960 and later VW engine brothers BBT made this early cam plug so all of us can use when rebuilding an early VW engine.
Because of the high production quantity we’re offering at very affordable prices, check out our quantity discounts!

1622-200 Plug for camshaft in engine case 25/30HP DIN

Last but absolutely not least this week is the ignition wire tube holder clamps for your early VW engine.
That’s right, all 25 and 30DIN HP engine (that’s 36 HP SAE for our American friends) have a tube sitting just above your inlet manifold for a perfect guidance of your ignition wires.

This wire tube is held with two of these ignition wire tube clamps.
BBT tooled up and offer these clamps now to the public!

Made exactly as early originals with an M6 weld nut in the back, to give your early engine the perfect detailed look with correct screw it deserves.
Check out our quantity pricing on this product!

2045-600 Ignition cable tube clamp 25/30hp

Some of the many items that arrived back in stock this week.

The 105mm generator strap (for all 12 volt generator and alternator applications) arrived back.
We improved the welds and tested thoroughly and are proud we now can supply a perfect quality generator strap for your beloved vintage Volkswagen.

1931-105 Generator strap 105mm

1484 Trans mount front 72-

0890-869 Roof gutter front left – Bus 08/63-07/67 SWT

1485-050 Transmount front Sportomatic -07/72

0890-928 D-post complete left – Bus 08/63-07/67 SWT

1335-3 Bushing standard damper – Beetle/KG, 1302/03 – 07/74, Bus 03/55-07/79, Type3, Type181, Type4 (2pcs)

Size doesn’t matter or does it ? Well it certainly does when it comes to assembling a motor.
We’re are showing 3 very similar grub screws albeit different in size and for different applications .. read below to find out.

This grub screw can be used for multiple things, but most certainly to secure the oil sump plate on the type 1 engine.
Thanks to the hex socket it’s very easy to install.
However we  recommend using a thread sealant to ensure it remains locked in place when unscrewing the nuts. Available off the shelves here at BBT.

8721-06-020 – Allen key thread piece M6 x 20 Din 913

This Allen key grub screw is used on the single port cylinder heads to secure the intake manifold and as the 6th long stud of the oil sump plate on type 1 engines to
mount the oil suction tube.
A perfect replacement when the threads are worn or damaged by over-tightening. Available off the shelves here at BBT.

8721-06-035 – Allen key thread piece M6 x 35 Din 913

And finally this M8 grub screw is used to fit your exhaust onto the cylinder head(s) it can also be used for other applications on the type 1 motor.
They feature a hex socket which makes installing these easy. Available off the shelves.

0Din Hp (36 SAE) 8721-08-040 Allen key thread piece M8 x 40 Din 913

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT news team wishes you a splendid weekend, enjoy spring weather and help us countdown for our Open House!

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