BBT buys Dieter Schmidt Lorenz NOS shop in Hamburg Germany.


Dieter Schmidt Lorenz is one of Germany’s largest NOS parts warehouses.

Situated in the North of Germany Dieter and his team cleared out over 250 VW dealerships of NOS parts over the last 33 years.

Even they didn’t buy that much anymore for last 10 years their inventory is still phenomenal.

Most parts are NOS, blend in with better reproduction and the best of the best used parts…

Dieter had it and BBT bought it.

A lot of these parts will serve to refine the BBT reproduction program.

Others might be sold by lots, inquiries on


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  1. This is phenomenal news, well done BBT. Can’t wait to see the new products you’ll come up with based on this treasure! 👍😮🤙

  2. After 34 years it was time for me to say goodbye.

    I am very happy to have found a buyer in BBT who shares my love and passion for the air-cooled VW.

    I wish you, dear Bob, and your team all the best and much success!

    Dieter Schmidt-Lorenz

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