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Aren’t we all tired of Covid?
Not so much about what Covid is, as we can’t change that..

But more what everybody has to say about it.
Seems like everybody is a doctor, specialist or scientist today (but still without a job).

We don’t know anything about Covid in BBT, hence we follow all guidelines.
But we do know about parts for  your Classic Volkswagen and hereby like to present you our product update.

Welcome to our weekly NEWS edition…

In cooperation with some of the finest bus welders and metal guru’s all around the world we had a lively discussion about doglegs.
Even though our dog leg toolings are perfectly made from NOS parts and our jigs are so secure, all buses seem to differ just enough that perfection is hard to achieve.

There are other brands doglegs, made from softer steel, allow to  “bend” themselves into place, but logic themselves, don’t give the rigidity your bus needs so badly on this exact place under your doors.
BBT SWT doglegs are stiffer as hell and don’t allow flexing, because your bus simply needs that strength.

So we decided to offer our doglegs in two different forms, click HERE for our assembled doglegs ready to fit.
Or check out here below our new unassembled doglegs that can be bought now and assembled on your own bus to perfection.

Make your doglegs fit to your bus, don’t make your bus fit to your doglegs.
BBT Silver Weld Through gives you the choice.

0890-041 Wheel arch kit (3pc) front left – Bus -10/62 SWT
0890-051 Wheel arch kit (3pc) front right – Bus -10/62 SWT

0890-106 Wheel arch kit (3pc) front left – Bus 10/62-07/67 SWT
0890-116 Wheel arch kit (3pc) front right – Bus 10/62-07/67 SWT

For T25/T3 Vanagon we add this piece of repair metal for the cab door step.

Always rotten because water, dirt and humidity have no place to go  under the rubber these are more rotten than anything else.

We supplied our small repair panel (left side HERE, right side HERE) for longer time but have now a “larger” solution…

0892-082 Door step underside complete – Bus 05/79-07/92 left
0892-083 Door step underside complete – Bus 05/79-07/92 right

The rear wheel brake cylinder for 57-64 beetles and Ghia’s we now offer  also from ATE brand.
We had a very good deal with ATE and offer these at incredible low prices with cool quantity discounts…

1220-1 Rear wheel cylinder – Beetle/KG 10/57-07/64 / ATE

Wheels  for stylish cars like shoes dress a beautiful woman, and we don’t talk about the sneaker rage of late…:)
Your wheels deserve attention as they “roll you” wherever you want to go after all.

So we decided to take also these black lug bolt caps in our range.
Several basic model Volkswagens rolled off the assembly lines with this style black lug nut covers as standard equipment.

Now available at very attractive quantity pricing.
Our chrome lug bolt covers you can find HERE

2589-100 Bolt cap black – 19 MM each

We now have our own very private production from this ever popular toggle switch.
Still comes with screwed terminals and finished to last.

Originally to operate dome lights in convertibles manually, but also  dozens of other applications.
We have negotiated this production before Covid still at good old prices for raw materials, so we have a fairly good  sharp priced inventory with irresistible quantity discounts.

0686-155 Toggle switch, dome light, dashboard light – Beelte 10/52-01/54

Nothing beats NOS!

We’re happy to announce we found another batch of NOS single port 1500/1600 cylinder heads.
Original Volkswagen single port cylinder heads from oversupply stocks.

These heads come with valves and springs.
No available but limited inventory and not sure if we can find ever again…

1721-4 Cylinder head 1600 single port – NOS

Click HERE for our Blog from yesterday with our engine bearings arrivals

1607-025-21 Main bearings 0.25/Std case (release bearing -1mm)

0927-300 Handbrake cable – Bus 05/79-08/92

1200-80 Connecting pipe master cylinder – Beelte/KG 08/71-

0511-100 Shifter set – Beetle/KG 08/57-07/67

0511-110 Shifter set – Beetle/KG 08/67-

The BBT News team wishes you happy Thanksgiving and a nice fall weekend!

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