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Evergrande Capital Group from China kept the financial world near boiling point whole week long.
The Australian decision to change supplier for their new fleet of submarines from France to USA brought tensions between different power blocks.

Thanks God it’s Friday again and the only sure thing every week is here to happen again.
Here’s BBT NEWS to make your Volkswagen life more comfortable.

Vintage Speed is definitely a company effected by difficult supply of raw materials and the crazy shipping out Asia.
Nevertheless as their main European distributor we brought in the Vintage Speed Sebring line of exhausts.

Sebring style is a continuation from the specific exhaust system of the iconic Porsche 550 spiders.
The perfect length between all different exhaust tubes let your engine run most balanced possible…

We have three models to choose from, starting for the earliest engines up to large diameter late models for larger engine displacements.
This is a real cool exhaust for your old speed project brought to you by Vintage Speed.

All Vintage Speed products in our range can be found HERE

3280-080 Exhaust Sebring 25/36hp ‘Vintage Speed’ without pre-heat risers / Stainless steel
3280-140 Exhaust Sebring 38mm 13-1600cc ‘Vintage Speed’ without pre-heat risers / stainless steel
3280-145 Exhaust Sebring 43mm 13-1600cc ‘Vintage Speed’ without pre-heat risers / stainless steel

We enlarge our slash pan line to protect the pedals and other control organs under your bus against water, dust and all other road dirt floating around while driving.
Today we add the model for your early model.

The late bay window is in development and will come in our SWT product line soon.
The splash pan for your split window bus can be found HERE

0891-704 Splash pan – Bus 08/67-07/69

Several deluxe model split window buses came from the factory with a stabilizer bar over the front axle.
The stabilizer keeps your bus way better in balance taking corners, no doubt about that!

Easy mounting with our perfect quality BBT mounting kits found HERE
Our stabilizer bars can be mounted on every model split window bus, and all model years for the Brazilian Kombi.

1392-200 Stabilizer front – Bus -07/67, Bus Brasil 67-

To stay with the bus we could lay our hands on a surplus lot of  these central steering arms for your bay window.
Many times worn or damaged from misbehavior we now have the perfect solution with this brand new central steering arm.

We also stock the central steering arm king pin with its assembly kits for split and bay window HERE

1336-220 Swing lever arm, central – Bus 08/67-07/79

This pin makes sure your convertible top frame lines perfectly on your front windshield post for your 67-72 beetle convertibles.
Made of high quality steel with a very durable chrome as used in medical appliances.

Will fit also all Karmann Ghia convertibles 1968 or later.
This pin goes straight into the top alignment pin seal as BBT 7090 that will return back into stock soon .

7090-100 Top align. pin seal convertible – Beetle 08/67-07/72, KG 08/68-

The nut to mount your generator/alternator pulley on an upright VW engine is kind a special one.
What’s looking like a standard “everywhere available” metric hardware item is in fact a special thread unit that is quite specific to keep your pulley, and your V-belt with that, in place and under tension.

BBT now  stocks the correct nut to hold that pulley and perform its job flawlessly.
Together with the shims and ring you find HERE we have now everything to mount your pulley exactly like it came from the factory.

1920-150 Nut for V-belt pulley

More hardware… aren’t we all kind of hardware fetish?
The pointed bolts with their specific mounting tabs to bolt that beetle body to your chassis found HERE have always been part of the BBT program.

We now stock also the specific M10 x 50 pointed bolts that holds the front of the heater channel to the napoleon hat on your frame head.
BBT invests a lot in correct hardware lately and will keep on doing so, so many more correct bolts, nuts and washers will appear on our website soon!

8060-100 Bolt for fixation frame head M10 x 50


With a tsunami of incoming goods our receiving dept. gets overwhelmed.
Finally a lot of backorders roll in and our infill rate goes up again daily.
Some more important backorders arrived last week.

0357-1 Snap on kit for use #0357

0616-681 Side reflector lens rear – Bus 08/70-07/72 red/silver

1455-150 Washer for IRS pivot

1491-580 Gear box revised IRS – Bus 08/75-07/79 (091)

0890-926 D-post Complete Left – Bus 03/55-07/63 SWT

0012-955 Bumper front – Bus 05/79-08/92 (chrome – w. bumper strip) SWT

2906-105 Headliner – Beetle 08/63-07/67 perforated / white

1661 Cylinder stud kit 8mm std length Chrome-Molybdene

This seal is used on Type 2 pickup’s until 07/97, it’s positioned between the rear hoop and drop gate. The rubber stop prevents friction and noise whilst driving, resulting in a more enjoyable ride. Sold by piece including 2 guide bushings– you need 2 (1 each side) per vehicle.

4875-080 – Rubber stop between rear hoop and side drop gate – Type 2 -07/79, single/double cab

This BBT manufactured item has been fabricated exactly as original, its purpose is to attach the battery cover for Type 1 built until 09/52. A set contains 2 hooks and 2 springs.
As a small insider split window beetle knowledge these hardware kits are also used to mount most radio’s into split window beetles.

0637-9 – Battery cover spring kit – Type 1 -09/52

This proudly BBT produced bakelite flange is used on the Type 4 carburetted engines sitting between the fuel pump en engine case. When removing this flange, we recommend to inspect it for potential cracks before refitting.

In case you were wondering why bakelite..Well bakelite is highly resistant to heat and does not conduct electricity, so it serves as a really good insulator, it’s lightweight and durable!
It was in 1909 that a Belgian chemist named “Leo Baekeland” created the first entirely synthetic plastic.. This new synthetic plastic would  revolutionize the way many consumer goods were manufactured – it’s particularly useful in the automotive and electrical industries and has been very popular since the early 1900’s!

Baekeland became Bakelite and all the rest is history!

For all fuel pump flanges and gaskes click HERE

1690-4 – Fuel pump flange – Type 4 engine

If you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT NEWS team appreciates very much you took the time to read this newsletter till the end and like to wish you a wonderful and very relaxing weekend.

Enjoy that Classic Volkswagen…

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