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Tomorrow it is exactly 20 years ago since the 9/11 attacks destroyed the WTC towers in New York.
Respect for all who died, suffered, were wounded or hurt.

That moment the world changed… for good.
Unfortunately it didn’t became a better place yet,

Aren’t we all waiting for a real leader who can unite, not divide, all people?
Love, peace and understanding… that’s all we really need….

….and some spare parts to keep our Classic Volkswagens on the road that is.
Let us help you with that last one,

Welcome at the BBT news.

Let’s kick off this week in style with 2 new BBT starter motors.
First we finaly succeeded to bring you the correct starter for the late Bay window bus 75-79.

This is the starter engine with the “long gear”…
12 Volt and 1.1kW strong this baby does his job flawlessly.

We offer these for really good prices.
Time to get that spare starter engine on the shelves!

1595-900 Starter 12 Volt – Bus 08/75-07/79

Second starter we introduce this week is this extra model for T25/T3/Vanagon with petrol (gas) engine (not for Diesel!)

HD super strong 12 volt and 1.1kW!

Our new baby is a little stronger than BBT # 1595-910 what’s 12 volt 0.95kW but totally interchangeable.
More power for less money, that’s the type of progress we love @ BBT.

BBT # 1595-910 & BBT # 1595-911 both have 100% same application,

The wide BBT starter engine range you can find HERE
Our starter manufacturer suffered a lot from the Corona crisis.

We’re happy to announce that most of our missing starters came now out of production and are on the water at time of writing.
We hope to fill our starter engines up to the ceiling anytime soon!

1595-911 Starter petrol engine – Bus 05/79-07/92

We also added  the so specific rear brake drum for the Thing, Trekker, 181, Kubel or whatever you call the ultimate Volkswagen fun machine.
Wide 5 for IRS suspension…

1285-181 Rear brake drum – Type 181 03/73-12/79

In order to restore or repair that pedal cluster exactly as it should, we added the spring for the 57-66 brake pedal for Right Hand Drive cars!
Made after exact dimensions, another perfect fitting necessity to make a smooth operating brake pedal.

Other models of springs to operate your pedals smoothly you can find HERE

0276-096 Spring brake pedal RHD – Beetle/KG 08/57-04/66

We like to keep our cars as much original, don’t we?
Therefore we now offer the chrome cover for early small fender indicators.

Made in nice chrome quality for a long life.

Complete small indicators you find under BBT # 0615 in Amber/orange or BBT # 0617 with Clear/white lens

0615-100 Turnsignal housing – Beetle 08/57-10/63

In our hardware assortment we add weekly new part numbers in order to make our life more easy.
This week we would like to highlight the screw you will need to mount the rear seat hinge  BBT # 3190-640 or its hook and catch BBT # 3190-650 for your Karmann Ghia Coupé.

8761-3525 Conical screw 3.5 x 25

As said last couple of weeks we have a lot of backorders arriving, shipments “roll in” at high pace and we hope to get back to “normal” infill asap.
We highlight some of the longer backorders here.

Look at those windows!
We got the upper side panels back in stock!

0890-233 Sidewindow inner panel / complete for 4 windows Right – Bus -07/67 SWT

Give that Karmann Ghia a nice touch with this very nice engine compartment insulation set.
Back available!

High quality and good fit, this gives a more quiet operation besides the cool original looks!

2315 Firewall insulation kit- Karmann Ghia (7 pieces) original model

0260-100 Accelerator pedal Rally ‘Vintage Speed’ – Kever/KG 07/57-, Type3 10/64-, Type181

0514-706 Shift knob 10mm Grey – Beetle 49-61 & Bus 03/50-07/67 Vintage Speed

0525-665 Base plate for KG and Type 2 -73 fuel sending unit – Vintage Speed

3280-205 Exhaust – Bus 60-07/67 ‘Vintage Speed’ with pre-heat risers / Stainless steel – lowered, standard tailpipe

0890-947 Rear corner complete pick-up – Bus 08/65-07/67 right SWT

0891-621 Chassis center section front – Bus 08/69-7/72 TQ

This episode of product in the picture is about ignition points, also known as ignition contact sets, contact points or contact breakers.

We focus on the points for the not so common Garbe Lahmeyer distributor found on early to mid ‘60’s engines.

The design of these are slightly different to the more commonly known points. We at BBT recognised there was need for these points due to  frequent enquiries. So we sourced a few NOS sets and set about to make our own! Another great quality BBT item that will add a  strong  spark(le) to your motor..

2009-14 –  Ignition points, Garbe-Lahmeyer

Of course we wouldn’t be BBT if we didn’t have a larger offer then the above mentioned Gerb-Lahmeyer points. BBT offers ignition points for nearly all distributors.. NOS, Bosch, Beru or a great quality after market reproduction. We have it all and with good availability from stock.

Have a look below at our ignition points offer found here

2008-1 – Ignition points, Bosch – Type 1 engine 1200/1500, 08/67-
2008-250 – Ignition points Beru, Type 1 engine 1200/1500
2009-1 – Ignition points, Bosch – 1300/1600 & 009 distributor
2009-10 – Ignition points – Type 1 engine, Beetle -12/53, Bus -04/60
2009-11 – Ignition points – Type 1 engine, Beetle 01/54-07/60
2009-13 – Ignition points – Type 1 engine, 60-64 NOS
2009-250 – Ignition points, Beru – 1300/1600 & 009 distributor

Correctly installed & adjusted ignition points are key for a good operating engine, worn, burned or badly adjusted ignition points can provoke a weak/inconsistent spark which in return can cause your engine to perform poorly such as spluttering, couching and feeling down on power. VW recommends to check your ignition points every 4000km or roughly 2500miles.

To set the points correctly it’s best to use our feeler gauges and the timing gap should measure 0.4mm / 0.16”. Upon finishing your newly installed contact points or when doing a maintenance, it is recommended you use a little lube on the distributor shaft cam where the rubbing block touches.

Another tip is to ensure the points are clean from any residue that may have sat on your feeler gauges, a piece of jeans or likewise does a good job of that.

As usual if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

BBT NEWS TEAM wishes you a good, relaxed and enjoyable weekend.
Think about all effected 9/11, respect!

Look especially at what you have, not what you don’t have…
We all should be very happy, with such a nice hobby as our Volkswagens!

Be happy and enjoy life, that’s exactly what it’s meant for!

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