Friend of “Da Houze” Tom N wins 1st in class with this incredible combo….


Tom N friend of da Houze for ever won last Sunday 1st in class “commercial” @ the Pasadera concourse.

Tom brought out this crazy combo of his immaculate restored 1960 Panelvan.

For the occasion he hooked up the totally restored (for this purpose) early 60’s race car trailer from Ray S and the absolutely real unrestored ex works Porsche 550A.

The incredible 550A was “on loan” from our other friend Tommy T.

Anyway the crazy combo didn’t pass unseen for public or jury and was awarded 1st in class for commercial vehicles.

The Pasadera Concourse is the kick off for the California car week with apocalypse the Pebble Beach Concourse d ‘Elegance on Sunday August 15.

And this picture that started it all, a gift from our late (and heavily missed) friend Brian H, the image burned a hole in Tom N’s retina and stayed there forever.

Tom simply recreated the picture and showed it off, beautiful!

Congratulations Tom, this is a perfect merge between fanatsy, visuality and reality!

You did it!

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  1. Tom has been thinking about recreating that iconic old photograph for many years. That job is now off of his “bucket list”. Well done Tom N, Ray S. and Tom T.!!!

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