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In Belgium a school collapsed, in Florida an apartment complex.
European parliament (and most citizens) are all upside down over the new LGBT law from Hungary.

A new hardliner and very conservative was “elected” as new president of Iran.
Plenty headlines during last week to think about.

But the real shocking News you may find here below, as we have another nice load of new products for our beloved Volkswagens to introduce.
Welcome to the BBT News…


Let’s kick off this week with a brand new BBT production “Made in Belgium”
This little lock spring has several applications.

It fix the accelerator pedal to its push rod on your Beetle, Ghia, Type 3 and/or Bus.
On all upright Type 1 engines it holds the connecting rods on the cooling air regulators in your fan housing.

It also mounts your heater cables to the fresh air and heater levers in the dash board of your Bay window.
It might have other applications as well as it’s just a handy cool lock spring You can use to fix anything that need to be well fixed, but can’t have play in order not to rattle.

We sell them each and because of the quantity we have produced on full CNC machines we can offer at real bargain prices, check especially our quantity break downs.

0285-090 Lockingspring Accelerator pedal – Beetle/KG/Type3/Bus, Coolingvalves Type1, Heatercables Bus 08/67-07/79

This part we’ve been after quite some time.
The anchor pin for your emergency brake cables below in the emergency brake lever if your bus is built between 06/60 and 07/71.

Kombi Brazil use this from VIN 27501or 02/61-

We also supply the correct nuts 8730-06 and the dedicated washers 8750-06 to mount and adjust your emergency brake cables to this anchor pin.
Many times missing or worn out.

0523-020 Dowel pin for emergency brake cable – Bus 06/60-07/71

Next we like you to present the cover of the sliding door rail on the left side of all year bay window busses.
For the right side of the bay window bus we had these already longer under BBT # 0891-891 for LHD buses.
Now also for the right side for double slider or RHD drive buses.

0891-892 Slidingdoor cover left – Bus 08/67-07/79 (RHD)

Finally… after so many years, endless hunts and crazy searches here is a real nice reproduction from the “ribbed semaphore”.
Originally semaphores in Volkswagens been ribbed up to 1953 and it’s an instant visible detail of correctness for your car.

We supply a very nice reproduction of the SWF ribbed semaphore in either 6 or 12 Volt.
We do supply the reproduction lens as well and this will also fit your original SWF brand semaphore.

Later model semaphores can be found HERE

Semaphores are sold each.

0617-40 Semaphore ribbed 6 Volt (reproduction)

0617-41 Semaphore ribbed 12 Volt (reproduction)

0617-42 Semaphore lens for (ribbed) 6 Volt and 12 Volt

This week we also have something for our T25/T3 Vanagon lovers.
This is the large rubber gasket around the tailgate lock button 08/83-07/79.

The large rubber gasket for the 08/79-07/83 models can be found under BBT # 0723-095

Sold each.

0723-110 Tail gate push lock seal – Bus 08/83-07/92

It seems the world is waken up after Covid, while still complete lockdowns in certain countries we get more and better deliveries in weekly now.
Many countries starting back up productions and we try real hard to be on the first row for deliveries.

Several deliveries came in and we hope to solve a lot of zero stocks any time soon!
Some samples of what came back in that was longer time unavailable we sorted for you here below.

1399 Lower ball joint – Type3

7569-50 License light assembly – Bus 08/71-07/79

2550-2 Empi 8-spoke 4-lug silver – 5.5 x 15

3012 85.5 cilinder SHIMS .030 set

1397-61 Narrowed torsion leaves for Puma – Beetle/KG 08/65-

1660-1 Case saver M12 x 8

2600-100 Adapter for oil pressure and oil temperature sensor (M14x1.5)

The BBT News team wish you a wonderful, relaxing and inspiring weekend, drive that V-Dub and enjoy, inhale summer fully!

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