BBT News (07/05)


The weather we can’t choose nor change.
It stays cold and humid in Western Europe, and we all  miss the nice spring,which  weather in the month of May is supposed to bring to us.

Forecast isn’t any good for next week neither, only rain…
Thank God we have BBT News upon we can rely on and keep us busy with  more and better parts to make our Volkswagen life easier.

This week we received the Convertible top hold down latches for Beetle convertibles built before 1960.

We already used to stock the complete assemblies under BBT #7140-000 and we now supply all pieces separately as well.
I think we can all agree that early Beetle convertibles are one of the coolest VW rides ever built… yammie!

7140-100 Convertible top hold down latch w/o hook, right – Beetle -04/60, KG -07/71

 7140-110 Convertible top hold down latche w/o hook, left – Beetle -04/60, KG -07/71

7140-120 Convertible top hold down latch hook – Beetle -04/60, KG -07/71

As our steady stream of arrivals keep on going and will get up a notch or two in the next two weeks.
Longer time backorders came finally back on our shelves, it seems our suppliers get more easy production as well.

Hopefully a lot of zero stocks will  soon fade away, we keep on working on that.
Here’s a small selection of what’s back available.

1079 Exhaust pipe for Type 2 T4 engine + T25 DF, DG, GW, EY 08/82-07/85 + CS

1051 Exhaust 1300cc (with Tüv)

1060-04 Exhaust – Bus 08/76-04/79 (With Tüv)

1687-500 Injection pipe set T25 Diesel (CS,KY)

7400-2 Seal front window right – Bus – 03/55-07/67 TQ

0915-200 Accelerator cable – Bus 05/79-07/82 CT/CZ/CV

Let’s kick this “Product in the Picture” edition off with the sliding door window for the T25/T3 Vanagon.
BBT stocks a lot of glass for your Volkswagen Classic as well as all windows for the last rear-engine Transporter model.

Click HERE to find our complete offer on T25/T3 Vanagon glass.

8951-450, Sliding door window, T25/T3 Vanagon – 09/84-07/92

Next up are the oil deflector plates found inside the rear brake drums on early buses.
They prevent gearbox oil escaping through the swing axle to be spilled onto the brake lining.

These are often in poor condition or have gone missing over the years.
BBT made a perfect reproduction, copied directly from an absolute original NOS part.

We  have 4 different models to choose from, click HERE

Sold each.

1410-905 – Oil Deflector in brakedrum – Type 2, Bus -07/55

Finally, our last call out this week is the window lift channel for split window beetles.
Due to their design they’re under tension their entire lifespan.

As a result of time and natural elements many are rusting away at the ends.
This results in malfunctioning, not holding your glass tight anymore.

This  is usually the reason why your windows may not work properly.
We give you the perfect solution with this very high class reproduction part.

Our family of window sashes for the entire classic Volkswagen family  can be found  HERE

0362-700 – Window lift channel, left – Beetle -09/52

0362-710 – Window lift channel, right – Beetle -09/52

As usual if you can’t find what you’re looking for or you need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

BBT News team wishes you a splendid spring weather weekend…

In Belgium we’re opening the patio’s for bars and restaurants, a lot of our Belgium beer will be flowing, cheers!

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