Making something good even better, we tool up again to improve our doglegs….

If You want have it right You only want the best….
That’s the real philosophy of BBT behind our Silver Weld Through Sheetmetal line for your bus.

Never been completely happy with our doglegs, something wrong in the assembling process bothered us, so we had to figure it out.
Everybody in the world that knows a little about Bus body work knows there is real genius metal guys in the UK.

We teamed up with Matt Smith at Smiths of Cornwall, an avid user of our SWT metal products.
Matt did just an excellent job testitting and assembling our doglegs to perfection!

Starting with all loose parts….



Scale to compare, BBT SWT is way more heavy as your original simply because we use a more thick material, to make your bus stronger and give it less flex…


Comparing NOS to ours… how should they fit??? That’s always a good question…:)


a few milimeters off, that’s no good…


Not gave the required result, so Matt had to fix this…


Ever cut a brand new part in two pieces and weld it back together for only a couple of mill? We do that to get perfection…. 🙂

Weird thing was that this was only the left side, the right side was cool and perfect.


offcourse we testdfitted against NOS doors and BBT SWT doors….


and adjusted where necessary….


Now we’re getting closer…:)


once assembled we shipped back to the factory, where they work now to adjust toolings and jigs… soon available for more perfection, to any VW bus!

We do testfit, we do adjust and we do random checks of our parts, we’re open for all comments as long as they’re constructive and we’re especially open for help…:)

We like to thank Rick from A.Schoffield and Matt Smith from Smiths @ Cornwal for all help in this projects, thank you guys for helping making our VW world a better place for all of us….!

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