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What a weather…. Western Europe is soaked, wetlands are wet again, rivers and creeks running over or about and more to come…. Hopefully we save up enough for summertime.

Maybe we can kill the Covid virus by water, imagine, let it rain to death…:)

Talking about Covid, did you evaluate lately how much we’re adjusted to a virus to live together with it, side by side?

In less as a year time we changed our complete way of living and adjusted to a virus that was pure science fiction up to12 months ago…. Horror, but  real….

Thanks God BBT is known for a longer time, going into our 34th year next week. Running stronger as ever we’re here, as each Friday, to give you our latest product update, news and information.



The right side B post for non-cargo door is meant for a bus (or kombi) with left side cargo doors.

Complete B posts have been a very essential understatement of our Silver Weld Through line as we never ever thought that there were so many differences….

A lot of research, development and production efforst were put into our B-post line. With this last addition we’re extremely proud to say we have 10 different B posts for your split window bus!

Find all 10 different complete B posts  HERE

0890-910 B-post Complete Right, non-cargodoor – Bus 01/64-07/67




We’re proud to present our latest additiontor our Brake Backing Plate line.
Freshly finished and straight out of production.  As all of our own manufactured Brake backing Plates made in Germany.

 May we introduce our rear brake backing plate for 57-64 Beetles and Karmann Ghia’s ?
This means our Brake Backing plate family is now complete for most common model years.

Our next Brake Backing plate line will be Type 3 rear backing plate. This is now in development. Perfect for Type 3 cars and also an answer to all bus straight axle conversions….

All of our Backing Plates for the Front Axle can be found HERE

All of our Backing plates for the Rear Axle can be found HERE


1293-400 Backing plate rear left – Beetle/KG 10/57-07/64 BBT



1294-400 Backing plate rear right – Beetle/KG 10/57-07/64 BBT


We also received our first load of the foam gasket seal under your 1302/03 Super Beetle gas tank.
This gasket is a pure anti-rattle gasket sitting between the gas tank and the body of your car. This makes also sure your front trunk compartment stays dry at the same time.

1302-03 Super beetle gas tanks have other dimensions than 12/1300 models, so it needs its own proper anti-rattle gasket.

With this new anti-rattle gasket we get a complete line for anti-rattle gaskets which you can find HERE

0492-160 Anti-rattle fuel tank – Super Beetle 1302/03


Out of popular demand we add this distributor clamp with galvanized finish to our line of engine components.

The big difference with our long time existing distributor clamp BBT # 2003 is that this new distributor clamp has a silver colored galvanized finish, exactly like your Classic Volkswagen left the factory assembly line when new.

As more restorations are performed to stock specs this clamp can be a perfect addition to finish that engine like it should.


2003-100 galvanised distributor clamp


Proud of all new products presented we like to wish everybody a very happy weekend!

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