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Happy New Year! A very welcome to our first BBT News from the brand new year 2021.
We like to offer you this New Year as a gift. 365 Brand new days, nicely boxed in a calendar full of VW fun for you to fill in.

We will do our outmost  to let you enjoy as much as you could your Classic VW with more new parts as ever, new projects, toolings etc etc.
More high quality restoration parts for your VW, that’s our goal for 2021.

Of course we wish you a year without health problems, without financial troubles and without relational problems, only happiness and good luck.
2021 will be a year to look out for, internationally, as a lot of things are about to change, it seems globalization is coming to a stop, all nations will be more self-protective, we don’t “share” anymore, or don’t want to….

Ocean freight prices, especially out of the Far East, are killing us for the moment, the few containers available are over 300% more expensive than exactly a year ago… also exchange rates are not always going in the right directions in Far East and Brazil, what makes raw material prices climbing up to never seen heights. In Brazil steel and cardboard prices moved up between 200 and 250%!

So we really hope that 2021 will be the year we can ban Covid-19 but unfortunately I see our lives coming more expensive as well, and our VW spare parts with that.
Again we will do everything to keep prices as steady as we can, as we always have the philosophy that a stable market is a good market…

And… We keep you posted every week, right here, on our BBT News, brought to you by passion from our entire BBT team.

Let’s start this brand new year and the first couple of days with some real cool new parts like this panel at the lower back end of the spare wheel well of your Karmann Ghia.
Another repair panel to make the restoration of your Type 14 Karmann Ghia so much easier.

0889-011 Sparewheelbox rear lower panel – Karmann Ghia

In Belgium our recently new Classic car technical inspection requires functional window washers.

To make life easier we decided to bring these electric window washer bottles with integrated electric pump what will be way simpler to place or replace than the original by compressed air out of the spare wheel window washer set up.

Late model beetle and bus electric window washer bottles with integrated electric pump have been already longer available and can be found HERE

And we add now the early models 1960-1966 as well in 6 or 12 volt for you to choose from.

2461-05 Washerbottle complete (6V kit) Beetle 08/60-07/67
2461-06 Washerbottle complete (12V kit) Beetle 08/60-07/67

The wiper switch for 52-61 beetles and 55-65 buses has a smaller outlet than all other switches in your bug our bus.

Therefore we bring this particular special knob with only 4mm treat inside.

This knob fits perfectly on our Beetle wiper switch # 2444-090 and our Bus wiper switch # 2448-100

All of our wiper switches you can find HERE

Bakelite switch knobs in 5mm can be found HERE 

2444-145 Wiper switch knob ivory (4mm) – Beetle 10/52-07/61, Bus 3/55-07/65

We also brought a missing lens  into our range of license light lenses.
This lens fits all buses up to March 1958, either barndoor as post barndoor bus.

Our full range of license light lenses and gaskets can be found  HERE

7469-140 Lens license light – Bus -03/58

Also a very Happy New Year to all Split window beetle owners.
We  stock now brand new T-can (or coffee can) aircleaners for 25Hp engines.

This is a very accurate reproduction and as close as you can get to the original.
We know the very early 1953 oval window cars still used them but we couldn’t determine the exact chassis or build date VW quit these, if anybody can help with the correct information you’re welcome on

2149-500 Air filter ‘T’-can – Beetle 49-03/53, Bus -07/52

We found the factory that made these springs for Volkswagen originally back in the day.

The minimum order quantity was huge, but we jumped anyway in order we can supply you the bullet proof very best original VW quality for a very reasonable price and even good quantity break deals!

Check our very competitive pricing on these and remember these are made on the toolings that supplied the VW assembly lines back in the day.

0438-272 Engine lid support spring – Bus 12/63-07/67 (28.50cm)

0438-273 Engine lid support spring – Bus 08/71-07/92 (25.50cm)

Longer time unavailable we tooled up and made our own production now…

We  stock plenty now and offer good quantity discount deals…:)

1239-23 Clip on emergency brake rod – Bus 07/63-07/79

BBT has the production of these 25-30 DIN H.P. (25-36 SAE ) camshafts in own management as it became apparent there was a demand for these.
This camshaft comes unmachined and enables you to grind the cams according to your own specifications to achieve the ideal setup for your engine.
In case you want a camshaft that has been machined to original spec please use 1629-90 or alternatively for the Okrasa fans we also produce 1629-91

1629-920 – Camshaft 25/30HP – Type 1, Porsche 356 Pre A (unground)

For the fans of BBT, we have our own center cap stickers!! Or if you want to spruce up your old wheels these stickers are ready to fit!

2534 – Centercap stickers ‘BBT’ –  all aircooled vehicles, various applications

Every classic car fan is proud of his/her pride and joy, sometimes lucky you’ve found the car that was originally destined for your country.
BBT understands it’s good to be proud and share this with the world, as such we’ve produced the letter B with a nice chrome finish..
Who doesn’t want to add B to their car..  BBT, Best of the best, Belgium, Bob.. just saying..
In search for a different letter, send us your requirements..

0497-001 – Chromed letter “B “- all aircooled vehicles, various applications

And remember, if you can’t find what you’re looking for or need a particular part you can call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or email

The BBT news team wishes you a very happy weekend and (again) a sprankeling 2021.

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