Ready for the parade?

Wieze was a very popular Belgian beer brewery in a little town with the same name somewhere between Gent and Brussels…

Very popular in the sixties and seventies but slowly pushed back by Interbrew offcourse…

Back in the day, they prepped for big parade, and we have that picture!

The parade was pulled by a Tatra (aircooled!) and a whole line up of Beetles thereafter…

What a cool drooling picture… to drool over all sunday long…:)

Happy drooling Sunday!


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  1. Hello Bob,
    I hope you are well. I like the story of the brewery along with the very cool photograph. I came across your blog recently, and have to say it is one of the most enjoyable blogs out there. You are clearly the “world ambassador” of all things aircooled…I have been involved with the vintage VW hobby for well over 40+ years. I still drive a 1954 Judson-powered Beetle sedan. Currently, I am resurrecting a 1951 Tempo Matador that I purchased out of Uruguay, S.A. in 2007. As you well know, the task of bringing these trucks back to life can be very challenging. Several years back I purchased a Tempo Matador instrument panel from you. I painstakingly restored it back to its former glory. I still have a long way to go before this truck hits the road again, but I’m enjoying the whole process. In addition, I also drive a 1967 Fiber Fab GT-12 Avenger. The chassis is a 1971 I.R.S. pan. The power source is a stroked 2300cc (Ray Schubert) built engine. This conservatively produces approximately 150hp. I look forward to future features on your site…Take care and may all your flat-4’s run cool…Ray

  2. Thanks for sharing ray and succes with teh Tempo, they’re real cool trucks but drive real rubbish…:)

    stay connected with our Blog, there’s a lot of cool content lined up…


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