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Very welcome on BBT news this Friday the 13th!

For the real believers it’s a ghostly day, for BBT Nicolas it’s just his birthday… Happy Birthday Nicolas!

How desperate the world really is was very clearly last Monday when Pfizer brought out a press release they make serious progress with their vaccine. The stock markets jumped up like the virus would be gone next day…. hilarious. Are this adult human beings?

By the time you and we can get a shot we’re more than likely a year from now, or longer, and even then, what will you be allowed to do? You get a shot, and can go back to the restaurant? Your wife didn’t get a shot yet so is not allowed to join?

How long will it protect? Will it protect against further mutation of the virus? Will there be long term side effects? Like a finger growing out of your ear or so? Too many questions…. unanswered…

As said from the beginning, we, at BBT, believe strongly we will have to learn to live WITH the virus and adjust our life styles.

We strongly believe that it will never be like it used to be… But that doesn’t mean life has to be less interesting….

To make your life even more interesting we bring you a new selection of parts as we do every week.

A better Volkswagen in your garage is a better mindset in your head, and you will need that mindset to cope with the near future… let us help you…:)



The one eyed duck is the rubber piece that holds your wipers together when turned off the glass of your safari windows on your splittie bus.

Off course we had already 0397-020 the one eyed duck for 08-62 till 07/67.
But now we also stock our new 0397-019 for the slimmer wiper blades used up to 07/62.

Quality is spot on, supplied complete with mounting sleeve bushing and correct screw.

All other parts for your safari window kit or complete safari window kits can be found Click HERE

0397-019 Safari wiperblade rest (one eyed duck) – Bus -07/62 (BQ)



Where your clutch and accelerator cable come out of the guides of your chassis in the back of your car VW fitted a booth on each of them to protect water and dirt to come in the chassis guides. The rubber boots are pretty important for a smooth and trouble free long time operation as well for the life spam of your cables.

We supplied some of these boots already for a longer time, and some we only had as a shop reference, but now we figured out all parts numbers and years and have the full range for you available.

No reason any more to mount any chassis without the correct boots.
We have all 4 original styles to choose from.

0908-020 Boot between clutch sleeve and chassis Beetle/KG/181 11/70-, Bus 08/75-07/82, Type3 08/67-


0908-030 Boot for gas cable sleeve – Beetle/KG/181 11/70-, Type3 08/67-


0908 Boot to chassis clutch/throttle tube – Beelte/KG 02/58-10/70, 181 -10/70

0890-01 Boot > chassis clutch/throttle/choke cable – Beetle/KG -02/58


We also decided to stock the base gasket for the 25 and 30DIN HP (that’s 36 SAE HP for our American friends) fuel pump.

This gasket sits under and on top of the bakelite fuel pump base BBT # 1690-100

So you need two of these for one engine. We supply each.

1690-920 Fuel pump gasket fuel pump flange 25/30HP (DIN)






Finally after a lot of corona virus trouble with this particular product we’re happy we can supply these brake shoes again…

The very best quality, Made in Germany and at a very competitive price.

We have plenty in stock now…

1231 Brake shoes front – 1302/1303, Type3 rear 08/63- BBT



All we can say is stay safe, stay healthy, watch out and before all use common sense!

Enjoy your weekend.


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