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The big fires on the West Coast of the USA eat a lot of cars again and unfortunately a lot of Classic cars as well!

Several friends from BBT lost cars or valuables, several lost Vintage Volkswagens.

It’s a disaster, imagine the fire chief or local sheriff stops by yelling “Level 3!”… and all you can do is running out, jump in the fire chief car and run…. realizing that all you ever worked for is eaten by the flames… must be terrible…

If Corona wasn’t enough, or the demonstrations with attached violence from the Black Life Matters movement, you can get fires too… what a crazy world we live in today.



Let’s start with a proud BBT production this week.

Mainly we develop parts when we need for own cars or when a customer asks and we can’t either get it or, we’re sold out of used ones… exactly like this case.
No different here… the little spring that holds the pin preventing the front seats moving front or backward in a 72-75 beetle is obsolete for many years.

When all were gone we realized, this was something many cars need.
So we decided to tool up and bring our customers a brand new spring to hold the pin in place.

Going through the mighty VW bibles to get the correct applications we found out that this exact spring also blocs the recliner mechanism.
Double fun with one brand new BBT part number…. enjoy!

Springs are proudly made in Belgium with latest technology and are sold each.

0736-105 Spring for seat / backrest adjusting – Beetle 08/72-07/75



We also add some serious wire looms to the BBT program, especially for your Bay window bus this time…

To replace that mouse eaten out, short circuit, dangerous life treatening old piece a garbage wire loom with brand new wire loom, correct color coded with all new connectors and everything you need to install.

All other wire looms for Beetle and Bus looms from the BBT family you can find by clicking HERE!

0694-6869-1 Wiring harness – Bus 1968-69



0694-7071-1 Wiring harness – Bus 1970-71


The 75-79 wiring harness is a champ, especially for US style Bay window buses with fuel injection.
This wire loom is developed for fuel injection only!

Contains the main wire loom as well as the fuel injection wire loom, it’s really all complete, we have a lot of very happy customers already with this wire loom….
The perfect solution to solve a LOT of electrical problems at once!

0694-7579-1 Wiring harness – Bus 1975-79 (Type 4 injection)

We keep on digging for a wire harness for Late Bay window carburetted bus.



Front axle upper shock bolts are a story on their own. But we feel we have that story under control now… 🙂

Up to 1962 model year we  stock the specific designed bolts under BBT # 1319-100 with correct 17mm hexagonal head.

Now we bring you the upper shock bolts for your beetle built from 1962 up to 1965.

These bolts  also fit all shocks on top of your Puma adjustable front axles as BBT # 1397-1 or BBT # 1397-50 and mount all shocks on the upper side of your splittie window bus in the rear.

Our new bolts come with a 19mm hexagonal head and have been made in a very strong 10.9 break load.

Sold a pair.

1319-200 Top shock bolts – Beetle/KG 08/62-07/65, Puma front axle and Bus rear upper 03/55-07/67 (2)



We spend quite some time making existing products better… tracing NOS parts where possible and compare to what exists today. Many times it’s very surprising to find out existing reproductions are far off by what Volkswagen intended originally… thousands of these parts sold and even buffers don’t realize how different parts are against their originals…

These rubber bushings for the spring plates in the rear was/is a very good example. Stumbling upon some NOS examples we started comparing and must admit that what we found aftermarket was way to soft. So we tooled up by our own and are proud to present you these rubbers for your beetle and your bus in a correct rubber compound.

Even the correct rubber composition and hardness was the most important to us, we made them for a price that’s irresistible, we know what the market need…

Another proud BBT product

Sold each!

1453-4 Rubber bushing springplate outside – Beetle 8/68-


1453-5 Rubber bushing springplate inside & outside – Bus 50-07/79

BBT News team wishes you a real nice weekend, stay safe, stay away from wild fires, wash your hands and keep distance to fight corona and enjoy your VW hobby….

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