Meet the hardcore insiders of BBT’s Silver weld through team

The pressing factory asked some pictures from the “hardcore insiders” from BBT’s Silver Weld Through metal team for their website so we can share with all of you as well.

We made them a couple of cool pictures in a nice setting.

Who are the guys?

Meet Edwin, who fitted almost all panels and adjusted where necessary, Jerry who purchased all, created all part numbers and follow up on shipping, meet Frederik who sold it all and is responsible for marketing and distribution. Pascal is the guy who gave tremendous technical advice, saw the logic of the parts and handled a lot of the technical aspects. Finally there’s Bob, who only has the crazy idea’s, who pushed the entire factory team to its limits, discuss the production processes and decide what’s next…:)

There’s at least a dozen other people involved in BBT’s SWT department that we like to highlight as well, but these are for sure the core that make our SWT department running.

Oh, and the Dog? That’s Edwin’s dog, just to get your attention….

Bringing something to the market is team work and needs team spirit, its not a single man job.

Plse feel free to leave a comment and vote for your favourite picture…:)


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  1. Picture in the middle is our favorite ;-)…but hard to see you cut this Front Panel 😀

    Compliments from Germany, Robin / Blechhaut® by Carblast®

  2. Front panel is a sample for testing, factory cut when they shipped out in order to save on shipping, we think its cool to show our cusqtomers we tested everything till the end… we trew away a LOT of panels, samples, try outs etc etc, some people have a lot of comments, but they do not realise what’s happening behind the screens… developing product is not as easy as it seems… and we do not have the meanings for high quantity productions…this requires extra innovations… but we see it like a sport, and are happy we make the VW world a better world as when we found it…:)

  3. the one in the middle, perfect for showing your cohesive strength … funny touch with the dog, cushy …. Well done to you all 👍😎

  4. That is one cool bunch of handsome Belgian “stud-muffins” in those photographs! The parts are pretty cool too. I sure miss you guys! I hope to see you all again in June of 2021 for H-O & EBI, pandemic permitting!

    Stay happy and healthy!

    Bill Bowman

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