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Before we realized our province became a red zone for the Corona virus and we even have an evening clock installed now. Seems the measures in our region are the toughest of  entire Europe… as always said together we can kill the virus, but unfortunately the virus comes back, and seems to be stronger as well. And this is only the second wave. We really have to learn to live with the virus. Guess it’s here to stay… growing and trying to catch us… but we will fight back… even the virus is stronger, we’re more… Be prepared for the battle… Victory will be on us!

Be prepared also for a bunch of new products from BBT. Our product development channels are running at full force.

This week we bring you a couple of really nice cool necessities…

Let’s start with the clips that hold your heater cables to your heater diffusion block on your bay window bus.
We talk about that little device with all handles that handles all fresh and warm air in your dashboard and connects all your cables to the handles.

To keep the cables nicely lined up Volkswagen installed this clip back in the day. When missing heater and fresh air operation never work as it should.
To avoid rattling and improper operation of your heater/fresh air system this clip is an absolute must.

Two models to choose from 68-74 (up to VIN 215 2052 980) and 75-79 (from VIN 215 2052 981).

0725-530 Clip heater cables – Bus 08/67-10/74, Type3 -10/67


0725-535 Clip heater cables – Bus 10/74-07/79



Everybody his own taste with these cheater bumper brackets.
These brackets are made for them who want to mount early model bumpers (“Banana style”) on a later model Beetle.

Make your late model Beetle old looking without cutting, drilling, welding…
The perfect way to change the looks on your car without damaging anything and perfectly possible to turn back the clock without anybody to mention this….

Sold a pair for front or rear.

0016-500 Bumper brackets front conversion kit young > early – Beetle 08/67-07/74 (pair)

0017-500 Bumper brackets rear conversion kit young > early – Beetle 08/67-07/74 (pair)

In our Silver Weld Through metal range we add this week the gusset for the – pillars for your splittie bus up to 1963.
When you open your engine lid you see these parts directly on the inside to your left and right side.

It gives strength to your D-pillar, so it’s a really necessary metal part for your splittie bus.
Made with reverse engineering to original factory specs. Exactly like original or NOS parts if not better.

Choice between left and right

0890-681 D-pillar gusset left  Bus -07/63


0890-682 D-pillar gusset right  Bus -07/63

We have a bunch of new products in final stages so we  will report way more very interesting in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned for further updates.

The BBT News team wishes you a very relaxed and well deserved weekend.

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