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While some parts of the world are still fighting against the first wave of our nasty new coronavirus, we, in Belgium, and more parts of Europe, start to see the second wave coming up.

This is not a question of good and bad.

The only question you can ask is what did I do myself to prevent the question, what did I give up and how I lifted myself out of my comfort zone. And this time you do NOT have to question this for yourself, but to protect others.

And that my good friends, is all we can do to fight that nasty virus.

Protect others…

We, @BBT, try also to protect your Volkswagens and give you serious time commitment during these nasty virus times. We still supply the best Volkswagen parts available. For you to mount and make your VW baby so much nicer and better again.

This week we like to introduce these three new products.



First thing this week : we brought in this small plastic gear for the speedo for your late Bay Window bus.
When your speedo still tells you how fast we’re going, but the counter doesn’t count the logged kilometers anymore, more than likely the little gear inside the speedo is broken.

When you can open the ring and remove the glass it’s a fairly easy task to change this little gear. Otherwise any VW workshop can do it for you. Or at least we, @BBT HQ, can do this for you.

This is the gear for the late bay window bus, and has 17 teeth.
For one reason or another early Bay windows have this gear in bronze what never seems to crack.

For VW beetles built 1967 and later we stock this gear under BBT #  2691-005 for Km/hr speedo (12 teeth) and BBT # 2691-006 for Mph speedo’s (11 teeth)


2691-018 Gear in counter KM/H 17 teeth – Bus 08/73-07/79


Sometimes cheap doesn’t mean bad at all.
Now we have this crazy cheap 34PICT carburetor  to us, it is as least as good as our more expensive BBT # 2142

We did several test runs and this little baby pleased us very well!
Just try one, for the price you do not have to leave it, it’s cheap, it’s complete, it’s very functional and it’s properly boxed.

We simply couldn’t resist, can you?
We would love to hear your comments after installation.

2142-001 Carburator 34 pict 3 – Eco



Last for this week we have this billet clamp to mount your distributor.
Made of high grade aluminum it clamps your distributor very well to your engine block.

A well fixed distributor means better and more accurate ignition timing.
Brought in first as a custom accessory in our shop, we see know the potential of this part and want to offer this also in our wholesale program.

If you’re looking for an original steel distributor clamp we stock it under BBT # 2003


2003-500 Distributor clamp Billet Alu

Let’s dive into the weekend with a happy feeling.
Let’s stay positive and fight the coronavirus together… there’s no corona therapy as the VW hobby.

Drive, wrench and enjoy your Volkswagen, the perfect remedy to kill that nasty virus!
BBT news team wishes you a very happy and healthy weekend.

Stay safe, wash hands, keep distance and wear a face mask.

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