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Corona keeps the major space of the front headline news….
For sure also a cover for many governments and big decision makers to push through a lot of stuff we better don’t know about it, but will pay the price later on ….
While many countries still suffer in Europe the number of cases is on the rise again.
Unbelievable that a lot of people, Youngsters on top, do not want to understand what it’s all about.
Seems like a lot of people think the measures are against them, while they’re here exactly to protect us, all of us!
Well maybe government should make a weekly newsletter, just like we do, to explain our weekly news.


This week a new bunch of sheet Metal. Our Silver Weld Trough presses do run overtime.
We start with the engine cradle kit.
Many times bent, or cut away for a different engines configuration out of a deep dark past. We also so some rusted away.
You need this for a complete chassis replacement.

0890-631 Engine cradle kit (3pcs) – Bus 03/55-07/67


Next we had one of the big challenges from our project, the torsion house tube kit.
Believe us or not but we sold several used ones over the years because of rusted out and rotten away.
This is all new torsion tube kit, including the casted center and outer section!
This was long time the missing link to our complete chassis.
This 5 pc torsion housing kit is for the early bus model 1955 up to 1959 with the early gearbox hook up. The 1960-1967 model is in the foundry now and will follow soon.
The complete pre-assembled chassis will be available any time soon as well.
This torsion housing kit is not a simple replacement part anymore and need a jig for exact assembly with the chassis legs. We can either build the chassis for you, partially or complete, we can discuss what you want. Just contact us or your local BBT dealer to discuss your project.
If you insist on doing everything yourself we develop a jig as well to weld a chassis together exactly like it should, and that will be available soon. More news about our chassis jig soon on this Blog.


0890-632 Torsion tube kit (5pcs)- Bus 03/55-07/59

We also received our rear chassis legs. Left and right and they’re going for all production split window buses.
Rusted out, bend, rotten, cut or whatever horror your bus went through, a new chassis member is a real cool start.
After all the chassis members are the most important part for the rigidity of your bus.

The front chassis member can be found HERE

0890-644 Chassis section complete rear left – Bus -07/67 TQ


0890-654 Chassis section complete rear right – Bus -07/67 TQ


And last but not least we decided to sell the shock absorber mount separately.
This mount holds the upper side of your rear shock absorber and it welded to your chassis member in the rear.

0890-635 Shockabsorber mount rear – Bus 03/55-07/67

In this week’s Product in the picture we want to take the opportunity to put one small part in the spotlights!
A small part that can make a huge difference.
Or how to make a 1300cc engine rebuild fairly easy. Something many people are unaware of, and may bring a smile to their face knowing they can rebuild their beloved original engine…
So what it is we’re talking about… – Cylinder head rings -…
BBT recognized there was a huge demand for 1300cc heads years ago but with no production anywhere we were unable to fulfil that demand.
We combined our forces with local engineers that have years of experience working with air-cooled VW engines and came up with these rings that will fit perfectly in your 1.5 or 1.6 cylinder heads and fill the gap with your 77mm barrels perfectly.
They are 12.10mm wide, drawn and fabricated with latest computer technology and made out of same aluminum exactly as your cylinder head to avoid expanding and they work a treat!
It’s the perfect solution if you are looking to rebuild your engine and your 1300 heads can’t be rebuilt or machined anymore.
3090-000 – Cylinder head ring – Type 1 1600cc (85.50mm —> 77.00mm)


To complete your rebuild you can find our 1600cc heads under following BBT part numbers

1720 – Cylinder head, dual port, bare – Type 1600cc
1721 – Cylinder head, dual port, with valves – Type 1600cc
1721-4 – Cylinder head, single port, NOS – Type 1600cc


And the 1300cc Piston&Barrel kit can be found under BBT #  1719. This is top quality Mahle brand.

1719 Piston and cylinder kit 77mm kit 

And as usual BBT is here to help, If you’re looking for a particular part and you can’t find it we likely have it or can get it for you.
Just call us on +32 (0)3 633 22 22 or Email
BBT News team wish you a relaxed weekend or a perfect holiday.
Stay safe, keep distance, wash hands, wear mask, restrict your social contacts…. fight that nasty virus, together we can win!

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