BBT’s Early Fuel Taps are in full production now.

A while ago we decided the market deserved a correct model fuel tap on pre 1955 cars so we tooled up and started to reproduce an iconic part of your bus or beetle.

The production is in full swing now and we like to share some pictures with you so you know what to expect.

The samples looked promising and fullfilled all tests so we started the machining!

Yes its a lot of small parts, but we think its fully worth it… at least we miss them on our own beetles…

Stay tuned for further updates!


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  1. For this moment we do not plan more as the two NLA models up to 1955 one with 8mm and one with 6mm outlet they fit both beetle and (barndoor)bus.
    The later bus is always available under our BBT # 0492-114 The later beetle one is BBT # 0492-111
    as far as our knowledge goes this cover all Volkswagen models.

    hope this answer your questions?

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