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Friday… time to look back, to take a glimpse of the recent past, did I do what I wanted to do? Can I still steer a little bit to make up for the rest of the week or can I land tonight with new records broken.
Friday… the day you overlook the week, economically, but also personally… an evaluation is always the best ground to build on…
Friday… is also the day for BBT Newsletter to you and this week, despite continuous threatening from corona and governmental measures we continue our news, because also this week there are several new products for you


At  first we have the cargo door front right or rear left for the 55-58 model splittie bus.

Very typical there’ is no recess for the door handle.

The “other side” for this door is BBT #0890-293, runs from 55-60 and is already since a  longer time available

This door comes as part of our Silver Weld Through program.

0890-282 Cargo door front right / rear left – Bus 03/55-07/58 TQ


Next we have the chassis section inner plates for your splittie bus, when it’s a single cab pick-up version.

These section plates are very easy to see in your front inner wheel well. They “close” the sides of your “toolbox”, the “bridge” between your left and right chassis members right under your front seat.

Sold each and go on all post barndoor model splittie single cab pick-up truck.

0890-643 Chassis section inner plate front left pick-up (single cab) – Bus 03/55-07/67 TQ


0890-653 Chassis section inner plate front right pick-up (single cab) – Bus 03/55-07/67 TQ

We also finished the filler neck support for your splittie bus.

This can be found behind your gas flap door of your splittie bus.

The filler neck support holds the fuel tank filler tuber in center of the gas flap door space…

This plate prevents spilling gas all over the place.

Many times the victim of Old Volkswagens Number One enemy : rust.

Two models two choose from either Bus or Kombi and the Pick- up trucks have their own model, not interchangeable.


0492-840 Filler neck support – Bus 03/55-07/67



0492-845 Filler neck support pick-up – Bus 03/55-07/67



So far for our new products this week. Stay tuned for next Friday to see more!

The BBT news team wishes you a relaxed weekend….


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