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In Belgium as in most parts of the world the lockdown measures have been released dramatically… seems they got the virus under control in most part of the world, but then there’s a new outbreak in South Korea and a mortality raise in Sweden…. We don’t think the pandemic will be forgotten soon, but as said earlier we will have to learn to live with it.

Well as long as we can wrench on our beloved Volkswagens, we will find a way to live together with the Corona virus and survive.
After all our little passion survived the Hi-Tech crisis in 2001 and bank crisis in 2008-2009, and now the Corona crisis in 2020… So hey we’re here to stay…

To enjoy that stay we, at BBT News, bring you the updates of our products weekly… Every Friday… So let’s see what BBT offers you this week as an extra….

We bring you the reverse light for the late split & early bay window bus.

This reverse light was mainly on your bus under M code M47 or for early bay window also under M524, M601 or M24 and so optional equipment for sure.

If your bus has the cut out you can replace it, but if your bus came from the factory without it wasn’t equipped with this option.
Of course, you can always cut the holes and install yourself. In worst case we can get you the template where to cut the hole.

Many times eaten by rust or just missing this unit is fairly inexpensive and looks just great…
No electric components work as new electrical components on a classic Volkswagen.

0608-050 Reversing light Bus 08/65-07/71

We also add this week the missing member to our seat padding family.

BBT is one of the world largest seat padding distributors for classis Volkswagens with huge inventory and very competitive pricing.
We missed this seat padding for walk through buses built between 1963 and 1967 for the right front seat (passenger side for LHD configurations)

It’s always a good moment when you can make a family (or group) of products more complete….

All other seat paddings can be found by clicking HERE

3530-005 Seat padding 1/3 front bottom right 08/62-07/67

Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT

7011 windshield seal, Cal-Look Beetle 08/57-07/64 cabrio

4,50 Euro

2408 Wiper blades, black, pair, 18.50cm Beetle 08/56-07/57

18 Euro

9390-200 Bentley Manual Type 3 1961-67 (English)

94,50 Euro

9390-210 Bentley Manual Type 3 1968-73 (English)

36 Euro

So far so good, we like to thank you for watching our new section and are happy telling till next week….

BBT News team wishes you a wonderful magic weekend, enjoy the softening of the lockdown, but keep your measures, the virus isn’t gone yet…

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