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When another week passed by in a lockdown, one can easily mess up  a Friday for a Saturday, or a day for a night.
But things  like our NEWS on Friday give us the necessary deadlines to keep track…

How are you all? We really hope you’re doing well? Not too bored yet with all that’s closed or functioning with all kind of restrictions?
We try to help where we can and this week we add another couple of real goodies to our ever growing product line.

Exclusively for aircooled Volkswagens, exclusively for you!



Let’s start with the official introduction of the BBT front fenders for your oval window (1953-1959)…

We had a bunch of smaller “pre-productions” in and sold all before things got unpacked.
But now the beast is out! The production is running full force and deliveries have been scheduled on a monthly basis.

What started as a rough idea in 2008 became a real project in 2015 and is finished now in 2020….
Top notch quality deep draw stamped on real cast toolings in no less than 8 strikes (plus headlight bowls that is).

We use the correct metal thickness and pressed in the right radius. We made the correct “hump” next to the headlight bowl and a perfect “bump” near the running board. We also took a lot of care for the “flat’ on the returning edge. We have invested days and nights in the design of the headlight bowl and assembled the whole exactly as Volkswagen did back in the day with the headlight wire tube all in place.

Each fender is individually packed in its own proper box for maximum protection and easy shipping.

The launch of today is for oval window (1953-1959). The fenders for split window beetle (1949-1952) are previewed to arrive in July and will feature a different (or non) horn grill hole and their very specific headlight bowl.

0104-060 Fender front left 11/52-07/59 with horn grill TQ
0105-060 Fender front right 11/52-07/59 with horn grill TQ



This wheel stud is the same as our BBT  2584-400 en 2584-410, but in 60mm length. We just enlarged the family…:)

If you want to have different wheels on your Bay window or T25/T3/Vanagon these press studs are the perfect solution to get some more tread to mount the wheel nuts.
Even called press studs, the studs are easy removable and new ones easy to mount, You don’t need a press at all…:)

Sold each

2584-420 Wheelstud M14 X 60mm – Bus 08/70-07/92



Due to popular demand we add this cable connector due  mainly to connect our voltage regulators.

Our voltage regulators BBT 1951 en 1950-1   especially require such a wide connector, now you don’t have to search anymore, it can be easily ordered along.

8802-015 Cable connector yellow, flat 9.4×1.2mm





Woh after almost two years in absence we got the engine lids for your late Bay window back available!.

Made in Brazil to OE standards.

This is a real nice engine lid and will fit every late bay window flawlessly!

0157-50 Engine lid – Bus 07/75-07/79.


Various items have been removed from stock to make room for new ones.
Of some items there is only 1 left in stock.
So be quick, because GONE = GONE
Prices excl. VAT

2158-257 Oil breather fitting straight for ‘Classic Style’ IDF aircleaner – Vintage Speed

These breather fittings are real cool necessities for your Vintage speed IDF air cleaners.
Either available in 90°, 45° or straight style for the perfect fit for your engine breather lines.

12,15 euro

1603-31 Stock rods 1300/1600cc Original rebuild (4) 13/1600cc 08/59-

121,50 euro

Always happy we can launch our NEWS in time we’re happy you can read in time.

Stay safe, stay healthy,  stay cool , keep your distance and above all wash your hands!

The BBT News team wishes all of you a real nice relaxed and well deserved weekend, wrench that VW!


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  1. Hi Claud
    There will be no rear fenders for a while. We first have to see how the market react to our front fenders before we will start rear fenders… so far so good, but we have to be sure. We like to stay a healthy company and development of such products is also a financial thing.
    If all goes on plan we will develop the rear fender in 2021….
    Always at your service

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