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So many days in lockdown.. are you still keeping up with it..?
Well here at BBT we continue to do our part in the community.

Every week we review the situation, adapt, adopt and align. We look at the things that go well and the situations we can improve.
We also try to keep things as much as what they were, create a routine and keep the momentum going.

We hope you’re doing well too, in order to feel better we introduce more parts this week, to make your cars better and more accurate…
Details matters, for the virus and for our cars that is….



First we have the plastic dummie screws to cover the holes for the seat belts in case your car does not carry seat belts.

From the mid sixties all Volkswagens came standard with all necessary mounting points for seat belts front and rear.
But not all countries required seat belts so Volkswagen covered them up with these plastic screws.

Now we have these brand new  in case you want to cover those holes up again and are universally used on all Volkswagen models of that era.

They come both in black or white, for you to choose from. Sold each.

0573-210 Seat belt plug 7/16″ black

0573-211 Seat belt plug 7/16″ white



Back in the eighties, when we still serviced bay window buses used as daily drivers, this rubber T-piece for the gas tank venting was already quite often in bad condition.

The rubber just didn’t hold up very well, gas fumes and engine heat finished it off!  Cracked, lost, dried out or difficult to put back in place, we remember it as if it were yesterday.

So we’re so proud we can bring you this little rubber T-piece brand new and in a better as original rubber quality.
This T-piece is for the late-model Bay window, 1971 and up. Sold each.

All other rubber connection pieces for your bay window bus can be found HERE

2147-540 T-piece gastank breather engine bay – Bus 08/71-07/77



Next we have another small part of plastic that finishes your emergency brake cables so nicely on IRS cars.
All aircooled Volkswagens with Indepent Rear Suspension used this little plastic clip to tuck the emergency brake cable nicely away.

Mainly worn out, cracked or simply missing we have the perfect alternative.
Sold each.

0926-000 Handbrakecable clip trailingarm ‘IRS’ – Beetle/KG, Type181, Type3, Bus 05/79-08/92



We bring you this little screw (believe me the picture doesn’t do justice, it’s small…:)) that holds the treasure chest  or engine lid hinges on your splittie bus  (Click here for BBT 0157-25 Hinges) 

These screws also hold your tailgate piano hinge up to 1963 (Click HERE for -63 Tailgates) 63-71 Bus tailgate guides (Click HERE for BBT 0438-120 & -125)  and many more. 

A screw that simply can’t miss in any VW toolbox!

8772-06-012 Countersunk cross head screw M6 x 12mm Din 965


And such we continue with our bi-weekly product of the week.
In this edition we bring our attention to some parts out of our T3 / type 25 assortment.

We kick off with a couple of our cylinder heads..

1721-840 – T3, also suitable for T2b – Type 4 2000cc

(please note, when ordering make sure you check the engine code to ensure you have the correct head)


For all other Type 4 cylinder heads CLICK HERE

1721-950 – T3 – Diesel ’81-‘85

1721-980 – T3 – Diesel ’86-‘92

Obviously we have a whole assortment of cylinder heads for your T3 / type 25.

CLICK HERE for all of our T25/ T3 watercooled cylinder heads.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch with your BBT contact or email us at


Next in line are the diesel filters we have in our assortment.

Yes you read that correctly, BBT also stocks a huge assortment for the T3 / Type 25, even those equipped with a water-cooled or diesel engine.

1697-100 –  T3 – Diesel filter until 07/87


1697-155 – T3 – Diesel filter 08/87-04/88


1697-200 – T3 – Diesel filter 05/88-07/92


So far for this week.

If you’re searching for a particular part and you can’t find it in our webshop, just send us an email to with a description of what you’re looking for.

We usually have what you need and if not we can always get it for you.
In the meantime we at BBT hope you, your family and friends remain in good spirits – stay healthy and get those projects ready to enjoy as soon as we’re aloud out again.

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